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Jun 19, 2008 12:38 PM

boiling time of lobster?

i am planning to cookt it this way ( according to jacques pepin's "fast food my way" for lobster bisque and lobster salad with taragon.

1. putting first enough water and lobster into the pot before heating up,

2. bringing down to strong boil and then reducing heat into medium.

3. and continuing on simmering gently over 5 or 6 mins.

4. turning off heat completely and let the pot and lobster inside rest over 30 mins with lid
still on.

jacques boiled a live 2 pound lobster, but i am going to boil 7 pound lobster.

so i concern if i have to modify his time arrangement significantly.

could anyone give me some good idea for better timing?

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  1. i roast my lobster and lobster shell before making the bisque with a mirpoix , then I deglaze with sherry and go from there.
    I would never leave a lobster in the water like that.... but I love and trust Jacques so .... go for it. I think carryover cooking will result in a cooked lobster regardless of size using the described cooking process

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    1. re: coastie

      actually after resting process, he removed first the cooked meat from the shells
      and roasted already boiled shells on the hot pan with mirepox while reserving cooking liquid for bisque base liquid.
      do you think 30 mins resting too long?
      i think lobster meat could be overcooked by that.

      1. re: hae young

        same idea - both will result in a nice product.

        1. re: coastie

          i found a diffrent lobster bisque recipe in
          it was almost more than 30 mins instruction video.
          the instructor seemd to work as teacher in some culinary school.
          in there he commented there is big diffrence of making lobster bisqe between using shell based stock and lobster flesh based stock.
          he said lobster bisque made of shell stock would taste like shell.
          and lobster bisque made of lobster meat would taste just like lobster.
          i don't know if jacques' lobster bisque could be fake lobster bisque as the instructor mentioned

          1. re: hae young

            The 30 minutes hot rest will not overcook a 7 lb lobster. A quicker way of preping the shells for the soup is to heat a large heavy skillet and add the shells and a little olive oil (about 2 tsps.) when it reaches heat comparable to a ready wok( the easiest test is the water drop; let a drop of water fall on the surface. If it "dances" a few seconds then evaporates without spreading on the pan, it's ready.) stir the shells and when they get deep red and the light part starts to brown some, remove from the heat and add a cup of brandy. carefully flame off the brandy and then add the mirepoix and sautee until browned. This will geive you a rich base in about 1/2 the time of roasting.

            1. re: chazzerking

              wow it's comforting that 30 mins hot resting will not overcook lobster.
              but now if it is true, i have one more suspicion.
              what if lobster wouldn't be cooked enough during that time?
              because jacques just add the meat into cream salads right after 30 mins rest

              1. re: hae young

                it will be cooked - and if it isn't you will so know

        2. re: hae young

          yes I wouldn't cook meat twice - follow his method. I chop up my bodies and claws and roast all that - reserving tails for the garnish meat. Jacques knows what he is doing and you will get a very nice soup following his method

          1. re: coastie

            do you think grinding the boiled shells in the food processor is really neccesary? what's the diffrence btw ground boiled shells and just boiled shells without being pulverizied?

            1. re: hae young

              the flavor is in the shells. Much more of it comes out if they are pulverized. Without the shell its just creamy lobster soup.

      2. The one time I put a lobster into the water before it boiled, it splashed almost all the water out of the pot before it died, it was really sad to see him go so slowly.

        1. I never boil a lobster, I steam them on a rack. They are full of water anyway so why add more?

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          1. re: Candy

            i agree with candy...personally i put them down with my chefs knife its a quicker death for the lobster and you don't have to listen to it die...but i always from that point on steam my lobster...

            1. re: t_broncatti

              Lobster should be steamed, not boiled and a rolling steam bath kills any loster immediately. I put a small amount of water in a large pot, bring to a rolling boil and drop them in. Steam a 1-2 pound lobster for 15 minutes, remove from heat. An undercooked lobster will be apparant at the first crack of the shell. this is the tradition from my coastal grandma who called lobster poor man's chicken and would only use if for lobster roll or salad.