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Jun 19, 2008 11:39 AM

It's too hot to bake a cake for my love, can I make a homemade ice cream cake?

I've determined that baking a cake when my apartment is already 90 degrees is out of the question. But my girlfriend's birthday is this weekend and I'm determined to make something special. Does anyone have any ice cream cake recipes?? Other homemade ice cream treats are also welcome, I've been waiting months for an excuse to use my ice cream maker again! Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. I always thought an ice cream watermelon cake would be fun. Most of the recipes I'm seeing online are lime sherbet for the rind, but I think pistachio would be better. Mix the pink center with chocolate chips for seeds. Personally, I think a thin white layer between the rind and center filling would look better than just green and pink. Here's a picture to give you an idea and a link therein to Mr. Food's recipe.

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      I made one of these ice cream "watermelons" for a potluck and it was so fun! I used a pistachio ice cream for the rind. It wasn't quite green enough so I added a drop or two of green good coloring. And I think I used raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips. I used an oval mold for steamed pudding. It turned out wonderfully.

      You could easily use a metal bowl to make a layered ice cream bombe. I found when I made mine that when you put a layer of ice cream in a curved bowl or mold, it wants to slide down the sides until it is frozen. I found that if you put a mold or bowl of a similar size in your bowl after putting the ice cream in, that presses the ice cream against the sides until it can be frozen. You could make multiple layers of different colors if you wanted. Or you could add a layer of fruit. Or take a skewer or rod and make holes in the frozen ice cream and pour colored liqueur in to make different designs that you will see when you cut it. I saw that in a book somewhere.

      Or use the springform or a loaf pan.

      It could be as simple or complex as you would like.

    2. I've made this one several times (including for a friend's birthday--she requested it). It's the ice cream version, not the cake version (both are on the following website). I use 2 different ice creams (maybe vanilla and coffee or vanilla and chocolate) and there's always to much ice cream (I never managed to fully use both pints).

      1. I just make mine in a springform pan with a cookie crust. Layer your favourite ice creams, I do it one at a time with a little freezer time in between so that they look like nice clean layers. You can add chocolate or caramel sauce between layers, chopped up nuts, candy, chocolate chips, whatever you like.

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          A brilliant idea for the crust is to crush up sugar cones. Just add enough melted butter to hold it together.

        2. My husband makes me an ice cream pie every year for my birthday (It's in july so it's always hot), it's easy and delicious. He usually makes two, one with nuts and one without (he's allergic). Leave the nuts out if you prefer.

          The crust is crushed oreos mixed with melted butter and pecans that have been toasted (in butter) and finely chopped.

          On top of the crust, he pours a layer of caramel. On top of that goes the softened ice cream (we usually do cookies and cream) then on top of that goes more nuts and cookie crumbs. Then the whole shebang goes back in the freezer to harden. Serve frozen.


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            My mum does an oreo crust with her lime cheesecake. It's super good, and then colours are dramatic. Thanks for suggesting it with ice cream cakes - hadn't thought of that!

            Reading this thread makes me want to make an ice cream cake now, especially since I just chilled two different ice cream custards, planning to churn them tonight. But I don't think toasted almond and malted milk would go particularly well together. Oh, well. Next time...

          2. I did a valentines cake that was 3 layers of hazelnut gelato with 2 layers of german chocolate cake. On top was fresh cherries, brushed with cherry jam. And then decorated with whipped cream into which I mixed cocoa powder and a packet of hazelnut flavored splenda (which was for the flavoring only, there was sugar galore in the cake!) And then I decorated the cake with nutella swirled in a pretty design around the edges. And a few Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut candies. The flavor combinations were to-die-for decadent!

            A second cake for a birthday was 3 layers of coconut, passion fruit, and strawberry gelato, decorated with tons of fresh fruit (mangos, kiwi, strawberries) brushed with orange marmalade. And then decorated with whipped cream. No breadish cake layers in this one. This was earlier in the year, but would have been perfect for this hot weather. Very tropical light refreshing flavors with all the fruit.

            I can't take credit for making the gelato - it was made by a local little store. I just forked out the big bucks (that stuff is expensive!), and put the gelato into a springform cakepan as soon as I got home while it was soft, and allowed it to freeze.

            One tip - if you do multiple layers, keep the layers of cake and icecream very thin. I didn't realize how TALL my first cake would end up!! It was over a foot tall! Beautiful, but very hazardous to transport in the car to the party!

            Thanks for the ideas of using cookie crumbs and nuts for a crust in a pie! I will definitely try making a smaller version of things with a pie pan!