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Jun 19, 2008 11:30 AM

Pizza in Portland

The best!

Apizza Scholls

These would be among the top of where I suggest for people to go. Well, at least for that neapolitan style, are there any other places that are similar to these?

The rest?

Hot Lips
Old Town Pizza

These are what I consider to be a cut above the chain like places, what else do you think merits mention?

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  1. Basta's makes damn fine pizza, also.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        Finally tried Dove Vivi last Thursday. I was missing Chicago deep dish pizza and this stuff is kind of close to that style. Tried both a classic sausage (house-made sausage, sauce and mozz.) and a pesto (spinach pesto, mozz, fontina, ricotta, basil and fresh tomato) and the zuccotta for dessert.

        The sausage was really good, not fatty/greasy and very good flavor. The pesto was OK, but not as good as the sausage. Crust is cornmeal-based and on the thick side, but is a bit crisp. It held up cold from the fridge the next day, too. The zuccotta was decent (chocolate cream surrounded by lady fingers and chilled to a sliceable consistency) but I don't know that I would have it again.

    1. Two places I've heard might be as good as the aforementioned (but I haven't tried either) are Carboni's and the truck at 4th and College Street in the PSU campus area.

      Anyone try these?

      1. Tastebud (across from the Aladdin theater). Just went there last night and found it by accident because we needed a place to eat dinner before a show. Pretty darn good pizza. When I looked them up on this board afterwards, the only thing I could find was references to the wood fired bread they sell at various farmers markets around town. I didn't know about Taste Bud Farm. Apparently their restaurant has only been open since early 2008.

        I tried the one with pancetta, mascarpone and arugula. Nice chewy crust and the toppings gave it a good salty buttery flavor. Maybe a little too salty. I wasn't so sure about having salad on top of a pizza but the flavor complemented it. It seemed right to have a fresh bite of greens with the pizza crust. I also had a glass of the sweet Lambrusco which helped to balance the savory/salty. I'd definitely go back and try other pizzas.

        Taste Bud Farm
        3220 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202

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        1. re: chipqmunk

          Not sure it's the same place, but a Taste Bud Farm makes, and sells, killer bagels at the Hillsdale Farmers Market. However, there, they don't sell pizza, so I'm a bit confused...

          1. re: chefguy

            It's all the same Taste Bud Farms: bagels, pita sandwiches, pizza, and fruit cobbler at several farmers' markets. All from that same mobile wood oven!

            Their brick & mortar shop opened only about six weeks ago.

        2. I'd agree with those top rankings. Big fan of Hot Lips. 360 Pizzeria in Vancouver is quite good also.