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Jun 19, 2008 11:28 AM

Festivals This Weekend

The Calendar section of the Globe today lists several local food festivals for this weekend. The annual Grecian Festival is Fri-Sun at the Hellenic Center, 25 Bigelow Ave., Watertown. The South End Annual Greek Picnic is Sat-Sun at St. John the Baptist on Union Park St. The Cultural Survival Bazar is on the Common on Sat near the Parkman Bandstand. The Armenian Food Fair is on Sat. at St. Gregory, 158 Main St., North Andover. And there are assorted strawberry festivals as well.

So anyone have any experience witrh any of these feasts? Which ones are worth going to?

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  1. The largest of the Brazilian Festa Juninas is this Saturday in Somerville. Its more of an evening thing, so possible to attend a daytime festival and then this.

    The flyer for the Grecian festival is here:
    I went a couple of years back, although have tended to go to the Arlington and Woburn festivals instead. There were some detailed reports of it last year, as well as other info. The greekboston site also has some info about other festivals. This year I may go to Somerville which is later on...

    1. I went to the Watertwon Greek Fest last year and the lamb was awesome. It's probably my second favorite Greek fest.

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        I just roll a block down the hill to it every year. They do at least 1 pig too!

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          And your favorite Greek fest is......................
          We're waiting, with bait on our breath.

        2. Chinatown has a fair this Sunday.

          Lots of fun for the kids.

          1. I've been to the Union Park Greek festival. Not bad but not worth going out of your way for...weak compared to the Watertown Greekfest..based on the reports.

            1. American Craft Beer Fest at the Seaport Word Trade Center this weekend. Three sessions - one Friday night and two on Saturday. Tickets should still be available at local ticket outlets and I am sure at the door. This is a BeerAdvocate fest that they usually hold at the Cyclorama, but twice as many brewers/beers. Check out their website for details.