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Jun 19, 2008 11:05 AM

amalfi on La Brea and Beverly

just ate there last night. i searched this board and not much on this place.

i have to say i was pleasently surprised. i was expecting a medicore meal but was surprised with a good dinner.

we had 2 pasta dishes...

Tagliolini Shrimp $16.
Home-made pasta sautéed with rock shrimp and julienned zucchini with a spicy garlic sauce
this one was very good. it had a hint of spice and the garlic sauce was great.

we also had another dish thats not listed on thier website. i forget the name but it was a creamy sauce with mushrooms and chicken with Penne pasta. i for one am not a fan of mushrooms or the creamy sauce but it wasnt too bad.

with a bottle of wine and these two dishes, the total was $50

anyone else try this place? what are you thoughts? i am wondering if my low expectations and empty stomach made the meal taste a little better then it really was. i guess i have to go back again to double check! unless i get negative feedbacks here..haha

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  1. I used to work there when it first became Amalfi (used to be Farfalla). They have gone through an ownership change since then but yes, they do fly under the radar here on CH. I ate there again a few weeks ago and it was very tasty. Nothing exceptional, but very consistent and solid italian fare. Their pizzas are great. They have a really nice wood burning oven in their kitchen.

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      I like the upstairs music room Room 5. The food is fine by me and I tend to go on Mondays (the most) and sometimes Wednesday. I like their fusilli dish, the proscuitto and mushroom pizza, and a few other dishes. They make a nice fruit cobbler for dessert, but the one quirk is they don't serve coffee upstairs for some reason. The regular Monday night booker (Jay Nash) is on tour so I'd wake a couple of weeks if you like the indie singer/songwriter types for music.
      If you're just hungry you can go now.