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Jun 19, 2008 10:53 AM

Sustainable, totally edible Hors D'oeuvres

I'm trying to think of new and creative ways to present hors d'oeuvres that will have no waste or need for a tool - i.e. no skewers, toothpicks, etc. or any need for a cup, shotglass, demispoon, etc.

Most HDs need some sort of way to be picked up, and I am trying to think of ideas. I know there is the obvious rosemary stem skewer or lemongrass skewer. I've been using filo bowls and started making savory edible spoons from cracker dough and a spoon cookie cutter, using long, flat plaintain chips as a "spoon" of sorts to serve things like coconut crusted scallops, and wrapping bits of tenderloin in orange zest stuffed dough then baking it so it's a neat little package. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. I made a lot of hors d'oeuvres that are a variation of "on a chip." Like seared tuna on slow, on a wonton chip. Or a mini tostada on a tiny corn chip.

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      Similarly, you could use wonton cups instead of chips (press wrappers into mini muffin tins and bake for about 6-8 min or til lightly browned). I've also used bamboo skewers instead of the garden variety cocktail picks.

    2. You could use endive or butter lettuce leaves to place dips or crab salad on. Take either a breadstick or pretzel rod and roll bacon or prosciutto around them and bake until done.