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Jun 19, 2008 10:48 AM

The Tomahawk

went there yesterday for lunch and had the "dinner" steak, 10 oz striploin with side salad and baked potato ( with fixings bacon bits ,sour cream and butter) very tasty indeed and very filling and a steal at $12.40, for those who haven't been its a true Vancouver ( North Van actually) classic and is known for a few things: the fact that its been around for 82 years, cheap huge (and good) portions, the cheesy retro Canadiana decor, and the fact that rock star Bryan Adams was a dishwasher there when he was a teenager, if you're in the area its a Definite must do

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    1. Just don't order the coffee, unless they've changed suppliers since last summer. It has been generously described elsewhere as "brown crayon water" :-).

      1. didn't have the coffee but for $12 striploin i can live with it

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          Yukon breakfast. Dare you to try and finish all of it!

          1. re: girlwithafork

            yup the brekkies are great too as well as massive