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Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

Any word on its opening date? Does it have a website yet? Thanks.

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      That was quick. Many thanks for the link. Found everything I needed to know there, except the exact opening date. Very exciting, isn't it?

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        the opeining date has not been set. still too many variables to nail it down. poke your head in and take a peak. they seem nice about chatting it up with the neighbors.

    2. Anyone have any furter updates on this regarding opening or website?

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        thought I'd try and revisit this, maybe someone has insight now on opening date or website?

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          I happen to live near the tavern. They are working on the facade now and it is looking GREAT! I also love the poster they are hanging up on the side of the tavern. Beautiful job! Still no word on its website or its opening date. I hope it is soon enough for my brother's visit.

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            I'm looking forward to it as much as anyone else, but the opening date of any restaurant (the most complicated business there is) is a moving target. We should lay off the pressure & let them do it right.

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              I'm not sure whom we are pressuring by inquiring about progress unless the new owners are reading this. And if they are; hopefully they will only realize we are excited about their new venture.

              on another note, I just saw the new side artwork on the building and it looks great... perfectly done! (in case they are reading!)

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                Someone in the hood told me they opened this past Friday. Not sure if it's true.

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                  I drive by on the way home, I'll check it out.

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                    I spoke with the owner at the Hamilton Festival on Saturday. they are shooting for opening mid August, however I think it needs a little longer to be ready.

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                      I heard a rumor that they were going to open on Saturday 8/16.

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                        I was at Blockbuster yesterday around noon, and saw a nicely dressed guy going in the front door, and a delivery truck outside...maybe!

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                          Based on what I know is happening, I think 8/16 or the week following is realistic for the general public to find the place open. OR MAYBE TOM COULD STOP LURKING AND JUST POST UP!! ;-)

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                            OK pleiades... you called me out. We are set to open the Hamilton Tavern tomorrow night Friday 8/15... five months of renovations are over and we are ready... well, except for the website...

                            Hours Friday and Saturday 4:30 pm to 2 am
                            Sunday 4:30 till... Brunch coming in Septemeber!
                            Monday 4:30 till
                            Tuesday... CLOSED
                            Weds and Thurs 4:30 til

                            thanks for you anticpation and patience.


                            Hamilton Tavern Team

        2. We stopped by for a drink tonight and it was BUSY!! And noisy, too. The pressed tin ceiling and hardwood floors don't help with volume control. But the place looks nice and they had a small menu available (although we didn't eat anything).

          We plan to check it out again a little earlier in the day.

          Anyone else have any 1st impressions?

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            We had dinner there on Friday night. When we arrived the place seemed newly busy. All the tables were taken and it seemed as though almost no one had even ordered yet. We would have been quite ok eating at the bar, but there weren't any bar stools available. We asked about getting a table and found out that table seating was available on a first come-first served basis (meaning that we were on our own). I was bummed; I hate table-stalking and hate it when someone stalks my table. And then more people started coming in and asking for tables. Someone must have realized this was going to become a problem b/c they started a wait list.

            I think we wait about 45 minutes and it was totally worth it. We had the mussels, tavern fries, soft crab sandwich and burger. The tavern fries, a special, were awesome. They were topped with some type of sauce, cheese, scallions, and shrimp. Heavenly. My husband had the mussels and soft crab and raved about them. The burger was perfect...super juicy.

            I overheard someone describe the menu as "small, but bangin" and I think that really sums it up.

            Also, the place was busy, but not packed. And while I do still think it's nosiy in there, it was much less noticeable after a few drinks.....

          2. My wife and I went on Friday - enjoyed it so much we were back on Saturday. Decor is great - look for the rake railing -also notice handle on front door - wonderful.
            Food was outstanding - some unique items on menu - fried dill pickles - wonderful -
            The burger was outstanding cooked perfectly - spend the extra money and add a fried egg and or bacon to it - you will not be disappointed. We had the veggie pita which was so tasty - Though we did not have- we heard great comments about the steamed shrimp and mussels. Be sure and ask about specials - I had the gazpacho and it was truly the finest I have ever had anywhere ! - Also had a peach cobbler special - it was to die for ---- We will be back soon and often!! --
            Keep up the great work - it is a great addition to the neighborhood.

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              Glad that you did enjoy the new place. My partner and I did too. We went there last night and we had the mussels. The dish had a simple, wonderful fresh flavor ... plenty of juice to sop our bread into too. We also had one of Brewer Art's beers on the draft ... which was excellent to the last drop. The waiter we had was very nice and prompt. We love the rustic harvest decor. The only turn-off was that blonde waitress who was very cold to us, asked us if we were finished with our dishes and if we were ready for our check. Even though we were done with our mussel dish, we were not done with our drinks ... OBIVIOUSLY! We kind of brushed her off and waited for our waiter. We will be back soon ... and we hope to have that cool waiter, not that cold waitress. We want to try other items and we always love Brewer Art's creations. GOOD JOB!

            2. Drove by yesterday about noon, and saw two men standing in the doorway talking...does anyone know if they plan to open for lunch at any point?

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                No plans for lunch. We are planning on sunday brunch at the end of Sept.
                open at 4:30 daily. closed tuesday.

              2. The other night we stopped by for the onion rings, we tried two salads, had the veggie pita pocket. Yummy onion rings in beer batter. The greens and dressing on the peach salad were bland but featured great, ripe, warm peaches. My house salad was also a little bland. Needed salt but good tomatoes. Very pleased to have them in the neighborhood and will bring friends for drinks. Wish I had been there for the tavern fries - sounds delish! The tomato salad with corn looked really good; I should have ordered that. Calamari would make a great addition to the menu!

                1. I finally made it to Hamilton Tavern for dinner last night. I really like the decor and the feel of the place. It was crowded last night (a Wednesday) and it got loud around 7 or 8.

                  For the food, I got the catfish po'boy and the chips. The sandwich was decent enough for a fish sandwich, nothing I would go out of my way to get again. The chips were homemade. While I definitely appreciate the effort of making their own chips, mine were sliced too thin and browned to smithereens in the frying oil. For a better version of homemade chips, I would recommend Corks.

                  My wife had the open face turkey "sandwich". Perhaps I was expecting more from this dish. The turkey was most likely turkey breast as opposed to them roasting a whole turkey in the back and carving the breast. It was rather bland. It came over a slice of "stuffing" instead of bread (again, clearly the "stuffing" was not stuffed inside a bird but rather baked in a pan) and a side of mashed potatoes. It was accompanied by a fairly bland brown'ish gravy. So to summarize: turkey and two starches. Hey how about a vegetable?

                  All in all, I give the food a C+. I will probably go back, but will definitely stick to a beer and a burger.

                  One thing they MUST change is the placement of the men's bathroom. Every time someone opens the door to the bathroom, the entire elevated dining room gets a direct view of the urinal and the toilet. On the occasion when the door sticks open, you also get the odor. Its disgusting. At the very LEAST they should put up some sort of curtain for a visual barrier. If given the choice, do NOT sit in one of the four tables in the elevated part of the restaurant near the kitchen.

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                    Wow - you are first person I have heard that did not actually really enjoy their meal -- The Tavern is such a great addition to the neighborhood. You can NEVER go wrong with the burger and for heavens sake get bacon on it !! I actually laughed out loud when I read about the men's bathroom -- I never even noticed that there was a table near the door - thanks for the laugh

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                      I was there on Tuesday night and shared clams with my husband - yummy, and then had the cheese burger. The cheeseburger totally hit the spot for me, although now I wished I would have asked him to put bacon on it, too. The burger was well worth the calories and I do count those calories. My husband had fried chicken and again, it hit the spot. So, for tavern food we were pretty satisfied. We liked the ambience, the service was friendly and good, and I was able to get my shot of petron. Can't really ask for much more then that.

                    2. re: KAZ

                      I totally agree about the men's bathroom!

                      1. re: KAZ

                        I also was unimpressed by the lackluster food, and I live downtown where there are plenty of options for great food and beer in the same building. I know that area has slim pickins with beer bars, so I am sure they are making their niche, but I thank my lucky stars that it's not my only choice for food and beer.

                        1. re: hawaiigrl2003

                          Can you either expand on your "lackluster" comment or on the better options you can 'thank your lucky stars' for?

                          1. re: Turkeybone

                            I agree with KAZ. I expected a pub grub menu, but nothing on the menu especially grabbed my attention, and our food was just ok. Service was very indifferent, even when we asked for suggestions. Catfish sandwich and salad desperately needed seasoning. Burger was o.k, but there are plenty better in Baltimore. I enjoyed the fried pickles, but in my opinion, they are hard to mess up, and I like them just as well at Mustang Alley. Basically, living in the city, I would not make the treck again for mediocre food and service when there are better options in my own neighborhood.

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                              I went to Hamilton Tavern for the first time last night and it was incredible. This place is truly a gem. It was bustling for a Sunday night, with only 2 servers - yet we still received excellent service. I had the smoked tuna salad, which incredibly crisp and fresh with excellent flavor balance. My husband's burger was amazing and the fried pickles were perfect. We live out in northern Baltimore County and it was totally worth the drive. We'll be back again next chance we get.

                              1. re: SweetLouie

                                All I have to say is thank god for Hamilton Tavern and Clementines they are amazing and woeth every penny you spend there.

                      2. I finally got around to going, I would go back to the Hamilton Tavern for a beer, but to eat again? Probably not. I got the infamous cross town burger and got the onion rings with them for an extra $1 instead of the potato chips. The onions rings were total grease bombs, each and every one of them was leaching grease and little in the way of taste. The burger was smallish, cooked to order but surprisingly bland, I had to put salt on it. What ever horseradish cheddar was on it was a very small amount, I could barely taste it. My sister got the fried chicken special , it was described as 3 pieces of chicken (2 whites and 1 dark), mashed potatos and cole slaw, "alot of food". When it showed up, I thought it was missing pieces. It was a small drumstick, a small wing
                        and about a 3rd of a piece of chicken breast. She said it was "OK", the potatos and slaw were nothing to write home about. She never finishes her food, she usually takes half of it home in a doggy bag but for the first time I think in dining out with her ever, she ate all of it simply because it was just wasn't that much. Very, disappointing.

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                          I felt the same about the fried chicken when I ordered it. That has been my only disappointing food or drink experience there.