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Jun 19, 2008 10:43 AM


just moved to naples wondering where to go for fine dining besides the 5th ave area?

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  1. 3rd st. has Campiello and Tommy Bahamas. North of downtown, to name a few are USS Nemo, Strip House, Ritz Carlton, Angelinas, and Cru.

    1. I love Campiello. It's fantastic. Also try Bleu Provence for great French food. The name of the street escapes me, but its a great restaurant.

      1. Bleu Provence is on 8th St S, I believe. :)

        Fine dining not on 5th. St. George and the Dragon is technically on 5th but I love it, so I'll add it.
        Roy's up towards Bonita.
        Da Ru Ma by the Ritz on the beach (LOVE this place!)
        Marie Michelle's and Maxwell's (although I might disagree about Maxwell's. Does have a great view though) up on Gulf Shore Blvd. N
        Ruth's Chris in the mall
        Fleming's Steakhouse on the N trail
        Sanibel Steakhouse, also N
        Margaux's on the N trail used to be awfully cute but I haven't been in years . . . .

        1. Escargot 41 in the Kmart plaza on Tamiami Trail North is exceptional...have also heard
          wondrous things about Cote d'Zur in the Riverchase Plaza on corner of Tamiami Trail North and Immokalee Road.

          1. For outstanding food not at fine dining prices, try the Greek Gourmet on Tamiami, across from the hospital and next to Dairy Queen.