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Jun 19, 2008 10:42 AM

New Rest/Cafe Jefferson Valley

I saw in the Pennysaver that a new place opened in Jefferson Valley called Salsa Latin Eatery. I had to be in the area so my daughter and I went to get lunch. They have a few tables to eat there but we did take-out. Like a cafe with just counter service.

They have a website but it's not up and running yet I guess

Anyway- I got a Cuban sandwich and you can get half or whole. I got the whole and it was 7.99. I have never had one so I have nothing to compare it to but it was full of roasted pork, cheese, pickles. It was very tasty. I also got a side of tostones that were made fresh and buring hot and they were delicious. My daughter had something that I never heard of called Mofongo (mashed plantains with chicken). It looked like a mashed plantain volcano with roasted chicken mixed in, it was served with a little container of garlic sauce. It was really weird looking but tasty. I didn't think it was worth 8.49.

There are other things I would like to try. They had pernil, rotisserie chicken, arroz con pollo, stuffed peppers, pastelillos, stuffed sweet plantails, pastelon.

I know they must have just opened but I get really annoyed if it takes a long time for take-out. We waited for 30 minutes for what we ordered to be ready.

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    1. re: wild goose

      Oh sorry!!

      3635 Hill Blvd.

      In the strip mall with Carvel

    2. I ate there last week, too. It's is a very pleasantly decorated cafe, with several tables for eating in. I had the pork, which was just terrific! The sweet plantains were really sweet and a nice counterbalance to the garlic-flavored pork. (The only thing I did not care for was the rice with gandules, as it was bland and a little dry.) The service was excellent: fast and courteous, and they patiently answered questions. All the food was served very hot (in temperature, not spice). There is a great array of all sorts of latin foods available from which to choose. For the freshness and the quality of the food, I think the prices are reasonable. I loved it, and I will go back and try the other dishes.

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        I agree, we had a wonderful lunch there today. The Cuban sandwich was excellent, filled with freshly roasted pork and carved ham (not deli meat), and the meats were lean and not overly salty. The mofongo was very good, not at all greasy, and served with a side of garlicky mojo. The food was made to order, but we only waited about 10 minutes. I agree that the price is reasonable for the freshness and quality of the food, and I am also looking forward to returning to try other dishes.