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Jun 19, 2008 10:36 AM

Cafe Atlantico, I can't be bothered... call everyday and spend 20 minutes trying to get through only to find out that I can be 4th in line on their waiting list. I made reservations at Komi instead. The receptionist was so pleasant and had no trouble fitting me in.

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  1. I assume you mean Mini Bar and I can't speak to that. Not to mention, you will love Komi.

    But just had the opposite experience at CA. I arranged a private dinner party for 12 people in July. I did it in exactly 2 emails with one of the managers and she could not have been more delightful and accomodating.

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    1. re: Pappy

      Yup, it was the Mini Bar. I'm glad to hear you had a delightful experience:)

      1. re: Magnificat2005

        Arguably Mini Bar is one of the most difficult reservations in the U. S. There's only literally a handful of seats and it has an international reputation.

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          Folks, we've removed some off topic posts from this thread. Please help us keep the focus here on DC/Baltimore area chow. Thanks.

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          There are only 6 seats at Minibar. The hostess told us they often have cancellations because the concierges at the top hotels pay people to make bogus reservations every morning. Good chance you will get in if you are 1st or 2nd on the waitlist. We got in on my Birthday, last year, from the waitlist and it was worth it!

      2. No food is worth that effort and certainly the food here is not as well. All hype, little substance.

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          Care to provide any details for this slam, before 50 of us click the "Report" link and have your post blasted into the ether?