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Jun 19, 2008 10:08 AM

It's hot! what to cook

So, its been 110+ all week and not going to cool down, ok we might make 107 later. I refuse to use the oven. What are some good stove top or even better non cooking recipes for dinner?

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  1. Gazpacho! maybe some sandwiches (I've been using a "foreman" grill thing to make quick panini lately)...

    Great big salads, add cooked chicken, steak, shrimp, whatever - your possiblities are endless. Chilled bean salads, pasta salads are great, too.

    Quick stir fry meals. I made the mongolian BBQ on this thread last week, let everyone pick their veggies and sauce, and it was a huge hit, only took about 5 minutes of actual cooking time (and I got rid of the odds and ends in the vegetable crisper!)

    Do you have a grill? Grilled veggies, a protein, and grilled potato wedges makes an easy meal, cooked outside.

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      Sometimes we have deli sandwiches. Pepper turkey or a good rare roast beef on a French roll piled high with salad. A little olive oil, vinegar, dijon and pepperocini. And perhaps a coleslaw or pasta salad, with ice tea.
      BLTs or egg salad sandwiches. So when its hot and you don't want to cook, these are pretty easy. Make the bacon in the morning or put it on a sheet pan on the bbq (line with foil and use that sheet pan only for the bbq)
      Also I make smoothies. /We had strawberry and pineapple. And tonight I'm grillilng pineapple and having sloppy joes. i'm in out and no one gets hurt!

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        Thanks for the reminder! Time to pull the panini press down!
        I was thinking of Chicken Chowmein (I need to use the bean sprouts today)
        I made up meat for burittos so we can reheat that up in the microwave and throw all sorts of cheese and veggies for a rollup taco or buritto.
        Potato wedges? do you place straight-up on the bbq?

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        Here are some dessert recipes that don’t require an oven or a stovetop

        Or, maybe, ice cream cake?


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          Thanks for the links! Wasn't sure how to search.

          I should of been a tad more specific. My family is very picky...veggies are out, no rice, little pasta...pretty much a meat and potato family. Most replies don't deal with that. We do grill a lot, but that gets old and hot if your the griller.

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            Wow, those are some narrow parameters. How about making use of the pressure cooker?


        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. How about a Spanish omelet? Or any omelet, for that matter.

            Many of you will frown at this but I sometimes buy pesto at the store and then I fry up loads of potato and onion, then smear some pesto over the fried potatoes and pour beaten egg over all. I cook til set, cut into wedges and serve with a salad and fruit. It makes a tasty,quick supper.

            1. If you can get good seafood where you live, try making a ceviche. It's a traditional Spanish/Latin American dish where the seafood is chemically "cooked" by the action of an acid, typically lime juice. Google it and you'll find lots of variations, I'm sure you can find one that appeals to you.

              Delicious and generates no heat at all in the preparation.

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                Another vote for ceviche.

                See also
                Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less
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