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Jun 19, 2008 09:55 AM

San Diego Sweetbreads

I've recently been converted into the cult of sweetbreads. It seems, that they're all over the menus around San Diego. Does anyone else notice this? Recently, I've enjoyed them as appetizers at the new Cowboy Star restaurant downtown and at The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma. Both really delicious! The treatment has been almost as an "upscale" chicken tender with interesting sauces. Can anyone suggest other places serving good sweetbreads? Are there interesting cultural variations of sweetbreads I should be aware of?

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  1. I have not had them, but I have heard that Mille Fleur offers them.

    1. Bite on University does them. Check out their menu at

      1. We had some in a tasting menu at The Better Half. Very good.

        1. Piatti in La Jolla Shores sometimes has them, they're the best I've had in San Diego (though I haven't made a special search for them...).

          Pampas Grille on Aero Drive at least used to have them on their regular menu, simply grilled, no sauce/adornment, fairly cheap too, IIRC.

          1. We recently had REALLY good sweetbreads at Whisk N Ladle in La Jolla. This restuarant was formerly known as Fresh and then Fresher.