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Jun 19, 2008 09:55 AM

Looking for the Finest BBQ in Tennessee and Missouri

Any recommendations?

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  1. In Memphis (where most, if not all, of the finest BBQ in the world is to be found), you could start with: Cozy Corner, Germantown Commissary, Corky's, Interstate, Rendezvous.... hmmm.... getting hungry just typing this, since I don't live in Memphis any more.... Memphis 'hounds, additions or corrections?

    1. Yeah if you want fine BBQ , Memphis is it, But if you want the world best tasting BBQ, Kansas City is the place to go. Where there are almost 100 BBQ joints in town. Everyone has their own favorite place. Here a small list of some of top choices..
      Jack Stack
      Oklahoma Joe's
      Arther Bryant's
      BB's Lawnside
      Gate's and Sons
      I'm sure you will find after having Kansas City's BBQ you will never want anything else.

      1. Missouri Hick BBQ in Cuba, MO and Biffles Smokehouse in Concordia, MO.

        1. LC's (I've tried them all and it's LC's) Don't miss the beans...utterly superb!