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Jun 19, 2008 09:35 AM


My wife went to our local Krogers to get some rhubarb for a pie. It was selling for $5.00 a pound and there was very little from which to chose! We went to our local Holiday Market (we live in the Plymouth/Canton area of Michigan) and it was also the same price plus it was cut and packaged in little cartons. I hate that. Has anyone else experienced this outragaous pricing? I mean, this stuff grows faster than horseradish! Up until this year, there were mounds and mounds of the stuff at every market! Its gotta be more than the cost of fuel.
What's up??

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  1. I cant say that I have looked lately, because almost all of my neighbors have rhubarb plants and are constantly trying to give it away. This could be the last year that you have to buy rhubarb because you can buy a plant for $8.00 at Gurneys.

    1. In addition to the fact that it is easy to grow and fans of it usually grow their own ... lots of people are not fans. So there's probably not a big demand and it sits around in the market ... that seems to be the case in my local supermarkets. The farmers market in California was selling it for $3 lb and a lot of people didn't know what it was.

      1. My mom lives in Westland (coincidentally my brother lives in Canton and I have to pass Holiday Market to go from one house to the other- small world) and her rhubarb plants are not ready yet. She says maybe 2 more weeks. That may be the problem.

        I'm out in San Diego and have had rhubarb for at least 8 weeks now.

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          Yes food prices are rising. I can not believe how much some of this food is. The meat and dairy. I am thinking about buying a hog and a cow and having them processed then just buying an upright freezer. Then that is taken care of. I am also buying an air-car that can go from CA to NY on one tank of air/gas. We are having solor panels put in next week that way we can sell power back to the grid. We all have to do things to cut down on prices that are rising.

          1. re: kati_spears

            It's just a comment about the price of rhubarb in Michigan, Kati.

            Buying and processing a whole hog and cow is not the most cost efficent way to go-and you'll need more than one upright freezer for each.

            Research the overall cost of the air-car. Even with fuel at $4 a gallon, it will take almost 6 years to make up the extra charge for a Prius versus a manual transmissioned Scion.

            and please research that info about solar panels- there is currently no electric company in the USA that is buying back power from any home consumer. It is just talk that they will.

            But really, the post was just about rhubarb....