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Jun 19, 2008 09:24 AM

One night in OSJ Puerto Rico

Going on a cruise in November and we'll have one night in OSJ.

I'm looking for an amazing restaurant; some place 'special' with regional food.

Since we only have the one night, we gotta do it right!


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  1. Dragonfly..very chic, great food, fun atmosphere..drinks after at Carli's Cafe...

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    1. re: luci

      Dragonfly is chic, but the food's not very good compared to Buddhakan. The Asian flavor overwhelms the latin flavor. I suggest the Parrot Club, which is more traditional Puerto Rican (same owner as Dragonfly, IIRC). Parrot Club is not as chic.

        1. re: luci

          I was merely comparing Dragonfly to Buddhakan. There is no Buddhakan in P.R.

        2. re: Ericandblueboy

          Eric, I re read this. I ate at Parrot Club and did not find it to offer traditional Puerto Rican food. It was pretty funky/contemporary ..Our lunch was very good and pricey too. I second Pikayo.

      1. Take a taxi to "Pikayo" ......pretty close (about 10 minutes away) and the most amazing food in Puerto Rico.

        1. Parrot club used to be good before it switched chefs...Pikayo is the best food on the favorite. You won't be disappointed. A bit expensive but oh so worth it!! You will leave with a smile on your face as well as on your tummy.

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          1. re: mamadem

            Any food that can put smiles on my tummy sounds great!

            1. re: CEfromLA

              Just fyi....the chef of Pikayo ..Wilo Benet..was a guest judge on the Top Chef finale show filmed in Puerto Rico. Hope you make it to Pikayo on your one night here. I know you will enjoy it. I live in San Juan and try to have dinner at Pikayo every week...always satisfies my foodie cravings :-)