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Jun 19, 2008 09:17 AM

Roadside Farm Stands

Can anyone recommend some good roadside farm stands in the monmouth county region??

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  1. With older farmers retiring and their children opting not to carry on with family farming, much farmland has been sold, so the number of farm stands has shrunk considerably. In my immediate area, I used to be able to stop at a half dozen. Now, it's down to one.

    That one is Stattl's, on Route 520, near Route 79, in Marlboro. They grow their own corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cukes. (In the fall, pumpkins.) They also sell other vegetables they don't grow themselves, plus a variety of fruits, and various other products. However, Stattl's may not be long for this world since the owners are getting ready to retire and have already been in negotiations to sell the land to eager home builders. Very sad! :-(

    1. Samaha's in Aberdeen, they open on June 25th...

      1. Statewide, you can use the following to search:

        1. I tried to post this before - don't know where it went. It's the Jersey Fresh search page for farmstands. A quick search showed 51 in Monmouth County.

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            Hey, MGZ,

            For the past several weeks, the site has been experiencing serious posting problems. (You can read questions about it and discussion on the Tech Board.) One of the major problems is that when you post something, it takes several minutes for it to show up on the board. As you can see, your previous post is now on the thread.

          2. One farm stand that never seems to make any list is located in Hazlet off Middle Road. Their produce table is situated inside the Cullen Center & Swim Club grounds. When the owner is there a sign is posted at both entrance/exit of the Center.

            What is the name of the stand I can see off the Parkway, heading north (before the bridge) of monmouth? Looks quite large from the road.