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St Charles Streetcar Bar Hopping?

I'm trying to plan a St Charles street car eating/bar hopping excursion for myself and some friends on an upcoming Sunday afternoon. We have a couple of stops in mind but need more suggestions! What we want to do is hop on and off the St Charles Streetcar to eat/drink. We used to hop off and head over to Uglesich's to eat, but I know it's closed now so I have no idea of a casual place to eat on a Sunday (Commander's Palace would be too fancy- I don't want to wear a dress while doing this!).

So here's what I have so far (and it's not an impressive list). Any help is appreciated!:

1. Circle Bar
2. The Columns
3. Maple Leaf Bar (at the end of the line)

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    1. Eat/Drink:
      Cooter Browns
      The Delachaise

      Camellia Grill

      1. The Mayfair
        Superior Grill

        1. This is a cool idea, though I could see myself saying hell with the streetcar and staying put after a few bars. Lucky's, which is on the Lee Circle end of St. Charles, is one of my favorite little holes in the wall. I second Delachaise and Cooter Brown's for food/drink. Carrollton Station is another good one.

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            I'm glad someone mentioned The Mayfair and Carrollton Station. If you get off the streetcar to go to the Maple Leaf, Carrollton Station is a few blocks from there. If you want to see some of the best or worse (depending on your tastes) you need to hit The Milan and Snake and Jakes. The Milan is around the on Milan not far from the intersection of Napoleon and St Charles. Snake and Jakes is on Oak (the same street as the Maple Leaf) just in the other direction off of Carrollton, it's 5-6 blocks off Carrollton. They are both late night spots, and by late night I mean they don't get a crowd until 3am, but you will definitely see some interesting people.

              1. re: edible complex

                looks like it runs from about 5 a.m. till about midnight


                so you either have to go in early or stay out real late!

          2. Also, you might want to include Dante Kitchen and Iris. Both have well made cocktails, particularly Iris, goes out of it's way to have some stuff that you might not see elsewhere. Lots of infusions and such.

            1. Has the streeetcar made it down Carrolton yet? Know they were sposed to, but thought it still was stopping at the Riverbend. If you're being comprehensive and don't mind walking a block or two, the Kingpen is right off the line. Cooter's will have a cool you off beer (in case you have to walk to your end point) but the last time I ate there, I was underwhelmed (they expanded the menu signifigantly it seems, but not the quality)

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                it's up to claiborne now. it would be cool if they could find a way to bring it all the way up to the canal line. i hear the I-10 underpass presents an engineering problem that no one has been able to solve.

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                  It is not yet running on Carrollton Ave. The cars run all the way up St. Charles to the intersection of Carrollton & St. Charles, but they all stop at that corner, and passengers have to disembark and catch a bus up Carrollton Ave. Occasionally, you might see a car running up to the car barn at Willow, but it isn't carrying passengers.

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                      Just saw this, so I can add the Maple Leaf back in! we won't be there till *next* Sun.

                    2. re: Hungry Celeste

                      well i'll be. thought it was already going up to claiborne. glad to see it's only about 36 hours away.

                2. Thank you all for the suggestions!

                  Looks like we may have to walk to the Maple Leaf of leave it off since it's way past the bend.

                  I've added the Delachaise because we've decided we'll eat dinner there. Does anyone know if the Chef is working on Sundays? (Chris Debarr)

                  Are any of these places obvious "college bars"? we're a bit older (30's) so don't want to be anywhere with people puking on the floor (if I remember my college days correctly- ha!) I know we'll be right around Loyola and Tulane so it might be hard to avoid! I've been to the Circle Bar before and we really liked it. No one puked on me and the bartenders /people hanging out were cool.


                  1. Circle Bar
                  2. Lucky's
                  3. Igor's
                  4. Delachaise (opens at 6pm on Sundays so we may have to skip it and hit it on the way back)
                  5. The Columns
                  6. Mayfair Lounge (end of streetcar line)
                  5. ? Maple Leaf Bar (possibly- must walk)

                  Am I leaving off anything we MUST see? We have a car, so maybe we'll go back out to check out the late night places.

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                    The Mayfair is not at the end of the streetcar line - it is at St. Charles and Amelia (I think), which is between Louisiana and Napoleon Streets.

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                      The Circle Bar has changed quite a bit in the last few years- is not a college bar, but it does not really bring in the cocktail crowd anymore. The Delachaise has filled that niche.

                      Delachaise & the Columns would be the two can't miss places for me. and you can walk from one to the other. The Mayfair is right there too.

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                        As you can toast the return of the full route (I agree, it would be lovely if it could one day link to Canal, but have likewise heard it is the underpass that prevents) I think, technically, Carrolton Station would be the "end of the route" It's caddy-corner from the Streetcar Barn, (thus the name?) and though not always as swingin' as Maple Leaf (really a great old institution) it would be an apt termination point to your tour. (If you can still stand by that time) Good Luck.

                      2. Now you don't have to worry about any kind of ugly exercise