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Jun 19, 2008 09:01 AM

Pittsburgh Blue- MSP

I work in Maple Grove, so CG and I went for dinner at Pittsburgh Blue on Monday after he picked me up from work. We had high expectations, as he is a huge Manny's fan. I, not so much, usually preferring quality and innovation over Flintstonian proportions.

Service was pretty attentive. Nothing out of the ordinary, but appropriate.

We shared an appetizer of pigs in blankets, which tasted exactly liike I make them, with L'il Smokies and crescent roll dough. <shrug>

We really liked their bread, which is a garlic butter pull apart bread. Liked it a lot.

We shared a small Applewood Bacon Spinach salad, which was generously portioned, and tasted well balanced, Lots of bacon, although I wish the bacon had been hot when crumbled and sprinkled on the salad.

We also shared the King portion of Prime Rib (cooked and seasoned appropriately) and a side of Hash Browns, Blue style (with crumbled blue cheese). Flinstonian portion of hash browns, but I would expect that given it was 9.95. Prices were pretty close to Manny's level, which I don't think were really justified, but there was a crowd, so what do I know?

I was stunned to see so many families as we left-- families with lots of kids, lots of small kids. Pretty spendy outing for the whole family on a casual Monday night IMO, but that's Maple Grove for you, I guess.

All in all, if you're out in the Western burbs and need to find a nice place and can't get to Manny's, it's not bad. I would not travel there, I'd rather go to Manny's-- at least their swagger is entertaining.

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  1. I had the prime rib and found it to be really low quality.

    1. I was there back in January with my wife and a friend of ours. It was a week night. By 9:00, we were the only ones in the place.

      I remember the iceberg wedge salad being huge. I remember the cold seafood appetizer platter being disappointing. You are right about the prices. Maybe there's a menu for kids.