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Jun 19, 2008 08:59 AM

Big City Burrito (CO)

Has anyone tried Big City Burrito? I've seen a few of them around Denver & Ft. Collins. I seem to remember a place like that near Westminster High School in the late 80's, early 90"s? Does anyone remember? We use to skip school and go get a burrito for breakfast. AHH good times....

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  1. I went to one in Fort Collins a few years ago and it was pretty good. They are huge and always busy it seems - a good sign I think!

    1. I have a lot of data here. They brought the San Francisco / Mission burrito to Colorado with a few differences: tortilla choices (spinach, red chile,etc..), a few non-standard filling choices (bay leaf chicken, potato/ranch) The original store (College Ave, FC) was dingy but very tasty. I've tried a few of the other stores as they've expanded and they are similar. Like the ironically named Chipotle Grill (I challenge you to find a tasty, spicy, smoky chipotle pepper there) a lot of the filling is made up with rice and beans. Big City is less bland, more diverse and tastier than Qdoba or Chipotle. One nagging issue I've found the last 3 visits: salt content is off the charts and I'm an avowed sodium abuser. The "Chile Verde" is not the New Mex/CO style gravy but a more interior mexican tomatillo-based sauce. Still very good but different.

      Breakfast burritos are not to my liking: very large, stuffed with eggs and as mentioned: not "denver style" green chile.

      We have one opening soon near me at Parker / Peoria so I'll repost after a couple of visits. Hope they stay consistent.

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        Where is the one opening at Parker and Peoria? On the King Soopers side or the other side? That's close to me - can't wait! Do you have a date of their opening??

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          They are on the North East corner of the street near a suntanning store and Subway catercorner from the park-n-ride. I don't have a date yet for their opening but I've got my tux rented and a coursage picked out. Are you doing a Sadie Hawkins and asking me? I'll say yes although I've never been a blind date. <pauses for laughter>

          OH.. you mean WHEN do they open?? Sign says "opening in July" so intel is fairly vague at this point.

          1. re: e_bone

            Ha ha - bad choice of words. Sorry about that..actually, we went to Sam's #3 for dinner tonight and I saw the sign. YAY!

            1. re: Heyteacher

              What'dya have at Sam's? Recently had their "meatloaf melt" sandwich (not verbatim title) and it was really really tasty. Have also had the Greek Rellenos recently (pasilla peppers stuffed with feta and gyro meat) smothered in their great green chile. It was heavy (duh!) as they egg-roll wrapper them rather than batter them and it was overly salty but still a pretty nice pile of guilty pleasure.

              1. re: e_bone

                I usually get one of three things: a breakfast burrito; the breakfast sandwich, or the greek salad. I've tried many other things but these are my three stand bys for sure.

      2. I'm not a big fan of burritos, but the BCB in Boulder on Arapahoe is one to avoid. I went there once when I was in rush, and the employees bizarrely seemed not to know how to assemble a burrito. Maybe it was newly hired college kids or something, they were both slow and confused. The burrito ended up cold and bland, perhaps they left out some ingredients?

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          You must have picked a bad day to visit the BCB in Boulder. I've been several times and had good ones. I prefer the chicken bay leaf or the carnitas (pork). I do find their beef burritos are usually stringy and bland, but the others are great!

          1. re: lotuseedpaste

            Forgetful employees,
            and confused...
            In Boulder...


          2. ahhh... memories of many, many tasty burritos form college... if only every small business owner of a great place like this would follow the no-frills and very delicious model. I would never pass one by. DELISH!!

            1. Just tried the one near 136th and I-25. Got a burrito and did not like it at all. On the plus side, the service was friendly, and they have a bunch of hot sauces and flavored wraps. However, the food was bland, a bit cold, and definitely not tasty. I'd actually rate it under Illegal Pete's (my personal fav, cuz I get my burritos in a bowl... and they give you chips), Chipotle, and Qdoba. Won't be back to Big City.

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              1. re: luckylily

                Sure these burritos are great if you want potatoes and ranch, or soggy chicken and Tabasco.

                On a plus they have the best selection of hot sauces this side of Mississippi!!