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Authentic Spanish churros/chocolate

Anyone know of a place that serves authentic Spanish churros con chocolate? Not the Mexican version with cinnamon..looking for the plain freshly made ones served with thick hot chocolate just like in Spain.

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  1. I don't know of a restaurant that serves it in L.A. but if you're really jonesing, I know that you can buy the hot chocolate mix at La Espanola market in Lomita. They're a major distributor of Spanish food in the L.A. area.

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      Small correction -- La Espanola is in Harbor City, and well worth checking out.

      La Espanola Meats
      25020 Doble Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90710

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        Thanks for the tip but yes, we go to La Espanola a lot. We've known the owner since she had the 'garage' store. But even she doesn't know of any churros/chocolate places. We do try to make it at home with our own churreria and using the Amalia brand thick hot chocolate but it gets tiring. J.L.'s right--nothing beats an early AM fix of ch-ch in Madrid (San Gines?).

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          There is a store -- and I'm sorry, I don't remember the name of it -- next to the Tustin Whole Foods that may be able to help. I know they do "sipping chocolate" that is a lot like MadrileƱo chocolate for dipping churros, but I don't know if they actually have the real one.

          Also, Lizarran Tapas, which just opened in Fullerton, had at one point on their website a taunt that they had "real churros y chocolate". I have not been, so I can't vouch for sure.

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            how do I contact La Espanola? I google them and it's different place.

      2. Nothing is better than some churros y chocolate at 7AM after a good night of clubbing in Madrid.

        La Espanola has the hot chocolate mix but, no churros. Maybe you can email Mr. Gold.

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          Oh my God...you are making my mouth water! We have just come home from two incredible weeks in Barcelona, and churros and hot chocolate were an almost daily treat...as well as an occasional glass of iced horchata! If someone knows where to get the authentic churros and chocolate in L.A....I'm on my way!

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            Don't even get me started on the exquisite horchata in Spain, especially Valencia!!

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              Horchata in Valencia and Hot Chocolate in Barcelona - so thick and rich. Have never found anything like either in L.A.

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            The churros aren't quite right at 3 Drunken Goats - they are more like a delicate, freshly fried version of the Mexican kind - but the chocolate is right on, and it's a very delicious dessert.

            I haven't been to Senor Fred's for a couple of years, but they used to have a fairly persuasive version.

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              Never having been to Spain, I cannot attest to their authenticity (although they did seem similar to Mexican churros). But in any event...they were indeed yummy, especially with that chocolate.

          2. Haven't been there yet, but Churrolandia sounds promising:

            1. Michael Ruiz who just closed Ingredients has recently revamped the Cobras and Matadors menu. He added a Churros and Hot Chocolate item to the dessert menu. Cannot comment on the taste nor the authenticity as I have not tried the new menu or been to Spain.


              1. I knew fellow Chowhounds had some other insights. I will definitely look into the above mentioned places and check them out...but I think Churrolandia is more of the 'Mexican' type churros. Thanks a bunch!

                1. See below sort of what I'm looking for. This was taken in Granada.

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                    No such churros in my own personal quest for the same thing in L.A. so far, travlcrzy. Again, the chocolate mix is indeed available at La Espanola.

                    Same Churro y Chocolate photo could apply to Gran Via or Sol in Madrid, Sevilla, Cordoba, Valencia....

                    Now... if you can find the following in L.A. (2 photos from my travels in Valencia), I am so there in a heartbeat!

                    (Paella - Arroz a banda con cigalas y Jamon Iberico de Bellota pata negra - Jabugo)

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                      La Espanola in Harbor City, Lomita has paella on saturdays (no cigalas though) but very fun place...and crowded now having a small store of Spanish goods. I think they have started carrying the belota pata negra hams. Pricey but yummy.

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                        Secret's been out for quite some time about the paella at La Espanola. I've been buying their paella with alarming regularity since 2003! Sadly, it is the only acceptable restaurant/market paella so far in my paella quest in SoCal.

                        Their jamon, though, is still not up to snuff. Mrs. J.L. is a Madrilena and VERY picky about her jamon.

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                          jose andres' new spot by the beverly center has jamon iberico - check out the article in yesterday's LAT food section. i'm a huge fan of made in spain and spanish cuisine in general. i can't wait to go try this place!

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                            More good news for all of us who can't get enough of Spain. PBS is airing a series, "Spain...On The Road Again," through your local Public TV channel. It's on tonite at 10PM on KLCS. Going to have to battle it out with the Mrs. - an avid ER and Gray's Anatomy fan, and no TIVO. :(


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                              I read the article yesterday as well, and yes indeed we're gonna try it.... Will report back.

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                                Agreed, cannot wait for his place to open!


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                                I know Dona Juana's hams are still not like the ones in Spain..but they are carrying bellota jabugo hams (imported from Spain) now, as with Redondo Iglesias serrano hams. We miss so bad with the new show "On the Road Again"..siggghhhh....