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Pasta Mista in Canton?

Anyone know if they've opened in Canton yet? I go to the dog park right there and would love to get pizza on the way home. LOVE their fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil pizza.

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  1. I called the Towson store earlier this week to find out when they would be open, and the man said the end of June. I think this means by mid-July. I can't wait to have another option for pizza and pasta carry-out...

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      Walked by last night and the sign is up. YAY!

    2. i think i saw the "open" sign lit up in the window yesterday--anyone been by?

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        don't know, but I'll def check after the dog park tonight and get back to you! Woo-hoo.....i'm already excited!

      2. Do they have sandwiches or is this just a pizza/pasta place?

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            I'll have to let some folks know of this. I accidentally happened upon Pasta Mista in Towson last year and it is a nice little gem. Glad to hear they are opening another location -- hopefully they can maintain the quality....


        1. Went last night. They are open and one of the guys from the Towson location waited on me. Got my usual pizza (fresh mozz, tomato, and basil w/thick crust) which was exactly like I ordered it (extra sauce and they ACTUALLY used extra sauce, and gave me more on the side).

          It is much nicer inside than the Towson location, reminds me of Italian Sensations.

          My fav pizza place EVER!

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              They don't, but the next time I go in I'm gonna talk to the guys about staying open later Fri and Sat and delivery. I like these guys alot and kinda became friendly with them at the Towson store. I really want them to be successful and I think those two things are key in Canton. Even if they posted flyers in the square, you know people would go down after the bars to eat.

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                not to be contrary, but do you really think that the weekend drinkers are what's going to keep Pasta Mista afloat? ppl on the Square already have 2 late-night pizza places (one that's actually really good) right at their feet. why would they walk a mile to Pasta Mista? the only boozers that Pasta Mista could hope to pick up are those at Canton Station and maybe Mike McGovern's, but that might amount to a half dozen people all night.

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                  I don't think they need to be kept afloat by weekend drinkers. Every night I've seen so far they've been busy (only a few tables available on a Wed @ 8pm). I just think they'd make even more by delivering and staying open later on Fri and Sat.

          1. Tried it for the first time tonight. A slice of cheese, a slice of chicken parm pizza and a side salad. The salad was pretty underwhelming (mostly iceberg) but both slices were a joy. The slices are generously sized and the crusts stay perfectly crispy. I was excited when Py opened up, but I've gotta say, I think I prefer Pasta Mista.

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              I just don't get what the big deal is with Pasta Mista's pizza. It won Baltimore Magazine's Best Pizza award and I excitedly went to the Canton location to get the scoop.

              The space is nice and extra cudos for the Italiano spoken by the workers there.

              The pizza? Better than delivery but marginal at best....when will pizzeria's get the fact that the crust is the heart and soul of a great pizza?

              Like most pizza joints, I will not spend money here again on pizza, although I will try some of their other offerings in the future.

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                You really need to try the thick crust with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. I never get just the regular slices.

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                  So you didn't enjoy it...what places in baltimore do you enjoy? which ones pass the test?

              2. Thanks for the info. I live 2 blocks away and didn't even know they were there (for some reason, new places in Canton never seem to advertise at all).

                1. Tried it the other night. It was packed with a mid-week crowd, mixed of young and old. Pizza was good, but I think I'll stick with Tutti Gusti--slightly better, and they deliver. They did have sandwiches, salads and pasta. One thing to note, the most expensive pasta on the menu was lobster ravioli for $8. Everything else was pretty cheap (5 slices and two drinks for under $15). I'll try out the pasta for dinner on another off night.