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Jun 19, 2008 08:32 AM

Dutch food?

Anyone ever heard of a Dutch restaurant in NYC? I need one for a bet. I did do a search, but all I came up with is the now-closed NL.

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  1. I researched this a few months ago and found nothing! I'll definitely keep looking, but am interested to see if anyone knows of a Dutch restaurant! Good luck!

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      The closest thing to Netherlands restaurants in NY are the Indonesian Ristaffel restaurants such a Java in Park Slope.

    2. The only actual self-identified Dutch restaurant was NL on Sullivan Street, which went bellly-up a couple years ago. It was fancy diner style, and incorporated dishes from Dutch colonial possessions as well as main-stream cheeses and charcuterie. But really, there's not all that much to Dutch food to distinguish it from, say, Belgium and German. If you look in the window of what's at 167 now, you can still see the mosaic of Queen Beatrix.