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Jun 19, 2008 08:14 AM

Dinner in Palmyra, NY

I will be attending a wedding in Palmyra at the end of August with another couple. We are driving up early on Friday and need a nice place for dinner for 4. Is there anything fairly nearby that will be relaxing? We will have driven 6 hours that day, so another hour hike for dinner won't really be in the cards - especially as one of the travelers will be 8 months pregnant. Please advise.

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  1. Wow, that's a tough one. All I can picture there are diners, pizza places and fast food. Which direction are you coming from? Could you stop on the way there?

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      We're coming from CT. I don't know what's in the surrounding area at all.

      1. re: veghead04

        Hmmm. Coming from that direction is tricky because it's very rural. Palmyra is just a little town with an old, fairly worn Main St. As far as I know, the nearest places that would have good food would be Fairport or Victor.

        Hopefully you can find someone who knows Palmyra better than me and can name a restaurant, but I think it could be slim pickins.

    2. I live in Palmyra. There really is only one "true" restaurant in town, which just opened in the past few months. I haven't been there myself yet.

      If you get off at I-90 exit 42 and come into Palmyra on Rt. 31, there are several restaurants in Newark (next town east of Palmyra) - Parker's and a family restaurant whose name escapes me right now. Parker's is about a block and a half south of Rt. 31 on Rt. 88, and the other place is right at the intersection of 31 & 88.

      If you're willing to go a few miles past Palmyra, there's Flaherty's Three Flags Inn in Macedon. If you're looking for a "nice" place with a really wide variety of options, that's the best of the 4 as far as I know - but bear in mind I also have not been to Lorri's yet.