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Jun 19, 2008 07:53 AM

Good food with football on TV in SF?

We'll be staying in San Francisco (Nob Hill/Union Square area, although I'm open to anything) during football season this fall and there's a can't-miss Sunday Night game during our stay. (5:15pm in CA). It looks like most restaurants close early on Sundays, but I hate to miss a good meal or the game.

Any suggestions for a restaurant where we could catch the game while still having a good dinner? Alternately, a restaurant that's open past 10 on Sundays where we could go afterward?

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  1. Would you want to find a pub frequented by fans of your favorite team? Who you rotting for?

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    1. re: blexo

      Who you rotting for?
      You have answered your own question. Either the 49's or the Raiders.

    2. Steps of Rome in North Beach always has soccer on and I love their food (vodka pasta). Walked by Bistro Clovis on Market & Franklin and they have good French bistro food and had a sign advertising that they televise all Euro Cup 2008 games and even posted a full schedule on the door (after the loss to Italy who knows if they're still as gung ho). Both are a short cab ride for you.

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      1. re: NoeMan

        I think by Sunday night at 5:15 the OP is referring to NFL football

        1. re: kc72

          Non-Americans refer to soccer as football without a thought about the NFL.

          What NFL football is gonna be played in June? The pre-season starts in August, and that's even too early in my opinion. I'll check tho.

          It's the Euro Cup 2008 for Soccer (a mini World Cup) right now. They went crazy in North Beach a couple of days ago when Italy beat and eliminated France (essentially a re-match of the World Cup final from a couple years ago with the infamous head butt incident).

          1. re: NoeMan

            The OP said in the fall, not June

            1. re: kc72

              My apolgies to you. I have soccer on the brain right now.

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                Then you should know that all of the remaining Euro 2008 games are at the lunch friendly time of 11:45 PDT.

                SPA-ITY this Sunday so North Beach should be buzzing.

      2. I always forget to link ! Here ya go:

        Steps of Rome Caffe
        348 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

        Bistro Clovis
        1596 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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        1. re: NoeMan

          Thank you all! I did mean NFL football and I'm actually planning WAY ahead for the first week in November. I'm a Colts fan, and we just realized the week we'll be there is Sunday Night Football v. the Patriots so I figured I better figure out where I can watch!

          1. re: lirhughe

            The bars of most Union Square restaurants will show NFL games.

            1. re: lirhughe

              Conveniently located, aptly named. Can't find much about food, seems to be a bad sign.

              Union Square Sports Bar
              232 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA

              1. re: wolfe

                Avoid at all costs. No food AFAIK, plus the management is unfriendly. If your game isn't one of the two most popular matchups in its time slot, expect a futile fight with the bartender about changing the channel.

          2. Try Pete's Tavern across from the Giants' stadium, on King between 2d and 3d. Plenty of flat screens and decent, but not great, food.

            You can walk there in 30 minutes from Union Square, ride the Muni or take a cab for about $7.


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            1. re: Jeff

              Or got to Peter Osbourne's other bar MoMo's down the block. Very much a sports joint. Pete"s tavern is his new "project"

            2. If you don't care too much about the food or decide to eat after the game, these are places you can catch the game also

              also, Knuckles Sports Bar and Grill, 555 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94133

              Jillian's @ Metreon
              101 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

              Fourth Street Bar & Deli
              55 4th St, San Francisco, CA