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Jun 19, 2008 07:48 AM

Your fave non-American breakfast food/meal?

The Italy thread inspired me! Breakfast traditions differ so much all across the world. Some of us think sweet and light, other savory, heavy. What's your favorite non-American breakfast food or meal?

Introduce me to some ideas from other countries!

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  1. An Amsterdam specialty I really like is poffertjes, fat little Dutch pancakes (about 2" diameter) served with powdered sugar or golden syrup. You can see a picture of them here:

    1. Funny, I just posted about Gallo Pinto on a different thread as well (Frugal meals).. but I am really craving this Costa Rican staple. Black beans and rice, cooked together and always this particular purplish brown color. Served with huevos revueltos (scrambled) and a pinepple batido (smoothie). It's a breakfast I love, love love. Tastes even better when eaten at a table in a freshly raked sand-floored restaurant.

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        Went to Costa Rica on a high school trip for a couple of weeks. First couple of breakfasts of rice and beans we all had the "not again" attitude. We soon fell in love with rice and beans after eating them w/every meal. First breakfast at hotel in Monteverde (sp?), after a dawn walk through the rain forest got granola NOT rice and beans. Starving and tired (up all night due to a scorpion in bed) we demanded rice and beans and refused to eat the granola. Of course it was rude of us, but they never forgot to serve us rice and beans again.

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            Good call! Love gallo pinto with lots & lots of Lizano!

          2. I don't know how authentic it is but I love the Irish breakfast served at pubs - different kinds of puddings/sausages, back bacon, beans, black bread, eggs and if it's st. patty's day we add Jameson to go with it :)

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              R&R1 you beat me to it!! There is nothing like Irish breakfast "pudding", black and white, the gamier the better. Love the sausage and rashers, beans and grilled tomato. Not to mention the black bread. My husband's family is Irish and live on a big farm. Fresh eggs, butter and fresh cream in my tea. And of course a few dabs of HP sauce. I can eat that at 8 a.m. and seriously not be hungry until 6 p.m.

            2. In Shanghai, breakfast is my favorite meal, taken on the street or at the humblest sit-down venue. Ideally, it'll be "xiaolong bao" (steamed dumplings) and/or "shengjian bao" (pan-fried dumplings) with a soup, either "xian doujiang" (savory soy milk) or "xiao huntun" (small wontons).


              1. Full English: sausages, bacon, fried bread, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, Heinz beans, black pudding and two fried eggs

                Filipino: Longaniza sausage or homemade bacon, garlic fried rice, eggs, split pan de sal with Edam cheese, hot chocolate, or...wait for it...SPAM and eggs!

                Pakistani: Nihari, haleem or ekuri with bread, occasionally a little kheer or seviyan

                Dim sum: Shrimp dumplings, roast pork buns, soup dumplings, turnip cake, scallion pancakes

                Viennese: Soft-boiled eggs, croissant, müesli and Einspänner

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                  Thank you!
                  I had a Filipino breakfast after an extended evening of debauchery and just could NOT remember what those fantastic sausages were called!