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Jun 19, 2008 07:45 AM

italian buffet

does anyone know of a decent italian buffet ciao

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  1. I've never seen an Italian buffet, except if you count pizza buffets at places like Round Table.

    1. Since I am not Italian, my concept of "decent" may differ from yours. However, Angelo's & Vinci's Ristorante in Fullerton has a daily "express" buffet and a weekend brunch buffet (see website for menu details). The restaurant is heavily geared towards families, and I wouldn't consider it as gourmet worthy, but then few buffets are. Good luck!
      Angelo's & Vinci's Ristorante
      550 N. Harbor Blvd. (bet. Chapman & Malvern Aves.)
      Fullerton, CA
      (714) 879-4022

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        Yeah I'm a huge fan of Italian food since growing up in NY and noticed Italian food buffets here in SoCal are pretty rare if any. Most of the one's that come to mind like similarily just mentioned are the pizza restaurant based lunch buffets which are mainly just outside of metro L.A. like...

        Nick's Pizza D'oro
        10585 Slater Ave
        Ste 2B
        Fountain Valley, CA 92708
        (714) 963-0227
        [Not too much selection and variety but pretty darn good quality for only $6.95.


        Eatza Pizza
        [Google this for locations and website.]

        Peter Piper Pizza
        [Google this for locations and website. Not being picky at all but probably one of the dried out tastless flimsy pizza I've ever had.]

        Shakey's Pizza
        [Google this for locations and website. Actually I think there a few in metro L.A. area.]

        Tangy Tomato
        [Actually just came across this as of this very moment doing a google search so I haven't been to this as of yet but will be planning on it ;-)P


        La Pizza Loca
        [Google this for locations and website.]

        Market City Caffe
        [I went to the Burbank location once which they used to have a great selection all you can eat high quality salad bar that was better than Soupplantation but not sure if they do anymore.


        Olive Garden
        [Google this for locations and website. I know I'm kinda stretching it with this one with the endless salad and soup portion of the meal.]

        .....and then probably the best quality of an Italian All-You-Can-Eat (waiters will endlessly replenish the food on your table for you) lunch or dinner with very good quality and various authentic selection of dishes from appetizers and then ending with desserts is Maggiano's restaurant doing the Family Style Menu. Google this for locations and menu items on their website as well but the only catch is that pretty much all locations require at least 4 people or more in your table to do this. The one in Costa Mesa quite a few times allowed me to do this when I only had 2 people including myself. Guess it depends on how good their business is going for the week/month but call and/or ask the manager either way ahead of time before you sit down because they try to angle you to order regular dinner price portions from the menu. I always enjoyed this Family Style menu and they even allow you to take home whatever you don't finish in doggy bags.

        If anyone else knows I'm all ears since Italian food is one of my personal favorites ;-)

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          And of course there's HomeTown Buffet [google search for locations] which usually has an Italian theme night once a week.

      2. We like the one in the restaurant at the San Antonio Winery. Neither the food nor the wine are world-class, but quite good in their context, in our opinion. We've been there a couple of times with the Alfa Romeo club. Google or Yahoo will get you their website, which has a menu.

        San Antonio Winery and Maddalena Restaurant
        (323) 223-1401
        737 Lamar St (off of Main Street southeast of downtown)
        Los Angeles, CA

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        1. re: Will Owen

          director tangy tomato looks good alsoin upland grazianos is my go to italian buffet its good 16th and mountain but variety is the spice of life

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            angelo and vincis looks real good also gene

          2. Il Moro has an excellent happy hour buffet. The buffet is Italian, delicious and plentiful.

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            1. re: Francesca

              Is this a free happy hour buffet at Il Moro?

              1. re: Josh90004

                After you buy your glass of wine/drink, yes.