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Jun 19, 2008 07:40 AM

healthy in Silver Spring....

I work in downtown Silver Spring and have been trying to cut back/diet a bit lately. Can anyone give me suggestions of healthy things to get at the plethora of chains and/or handful of not chain places for lunch?

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  1. I've not dined in a SS restaurant in a long time, but I shop Whole Foods for my heart healthy diet and find great stuff. I've had a bunch of different sandwiches that were excellent.

    1. Adega Wine Cellar right around the corner from Whole Foods is really healthy and delicious, highly recommended.

      1. What about Addis Ababa for Ethiopian?

        Addis Ababa Restaurant
        8233 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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          also Langano for Ethiopian on Georgia ave--they have great lunch specials.

        2. Ghar-e-Kabab on Wayne Ave., across from the parking garage, healthy, organic Indian/Nepali food. It is very, very good. They have a lunch buffet which includes three veggie dishes, tandoori chicken/chicken tikka, and a curry, as well as condiments and salad. They also bring fresh naan to the table and offer rice pudding for dessert. Not a huge number of choices, but what they put out is always good and as fresh as a buffet can be.

          The last few times I've been, the place has been pretty crowded for lunch.....seems that they have been discovered by people who work nearby. My recommendation is to go early--before noon--while the food as at its best and before the crowds come.

          1. There are a lot of delicious things at both Adega and Ghar-E-Kebab, but if you're looking for low calorie you'll have to be careful about your choices. I have a hard time not ending up with eggplant fries and a burger at Adega, for instance, which is hardly diet food. And I'm pretty sure that the reason those healthy organic ingredients taste so good in the dishes at Ghar is that they are cooked with a lot of lovely fat.

            I would recommend Lebanese Taverna. Lots of vegetarian options, not too much fried stuff. Also, you can order small amounts - some of the small things like kibbeh that used to only come in orders of three, you can now get just one. You could get just an order of hummus, you don't have to order a big hairy combo.