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Jun 19, 2008 07:36 AM

Where to get the best duck in Calgary

Im planning to try out a new recipe tomorrow night and I want a whole duck. I've seen them frozen at T&T, but was hoping to get something fresh, and I want to ensure its the best quality.....can someone make any suggestions?


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  1. Bite Groceteria in Inglewood carries fresh rougie duck, whole ones as well as legs and breasts. It is the best duck I have found in Calgary. Call first, I don't think they get too many whole ones in every week.

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    1. re: SpudMurphy

      OK. Ive tried a whole duck from Bite, T&T, Safeway, and CoOp. Not a surprise, but the Bite Rougie ducks are the winners, hands down. They had an amazing amount of fat (duck fat fries baby!!!!), and the meat was extremely moist and flavourfull.

      The rest of them could be compared to chickens, in that there was not much fat to speak of at all, were flash frozen, and the meat just lacked that extra specialness.

      I also picked up some duck breasts from Bite to try them out, and while they are also amazing, I like the idea of using the entire, cooking for the intiial meal, saving the fat for fries or confit, and then making a nice stock for risotto or something.

      My ONE issue with Bite. They remove the innards, so no liver or other organs. With the price Im paying for the duck......come on. Let me have the liver.

      1. re: RodVito

        I've never been to Bite, but I know that at most places that are butchering they are only taking out the liver because most people don't want it. If you ask them, I am sure you can get it next time.