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Jun 19, 2008 07:26 AM

Tri Express ( 1650 Laurier Est )

I am presently in Montreal for 5 weeks visiting from Arizona. I went into a great kitchen shoppe on Laurier and my wife and I met the owner Francois. He was a most welcoming and delightful gentlemen. He gave my wife and I about 6 restaurant suggestions, One of which was Tri Express. Last evening my wife and I walked a couple of miles and got to the restaurant at around 7:45 P.M. We were abruptly seated by a rather unfriendly individual and immediately told that the restaurant closed at 9:00 P.M . Additionally,we were told that " we would have to eat within 1 hour ". I have to think that it was the Owners night off. If not, it's too bad if he has that type of attitude. We promptly left the restaurant deeply disappointed, however had a wonderful at Truffert Bistro locared at 1481 Lauier. The beet appetizer was one of the best i've ever had and the salmon was outstanding. Above all, the owner Christophe takes great interest in his customers satisfaction.Boo Tri Express and Kudo's to Truffert Bistro.

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  1. I suggest you give Tri a second chance as this is a place that closes early and being a small place, is ran by the owner, one of the top sushi chef in Montreal. Forget what they say about first impression, it might be wrong.

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      I disagree with you 100%. If that is how they treat customers, why should these people go back? Montreal is a mecca of great food (either fine dining or casual) and nobody should have to put up with that kind of 'tude - nobody. It's not like there's nowhere else to go.

    2. Yeah service is always miserable there (and either too fast or too slow), but unfortunately there is not many other places that serve raw fish at this caliber. Perhaps Jun-I? Oh nevermind, they like to keep you waiting for at least 30 minutes or make snarky comments about how you eat your food. Having forced to eat a 5-6 course (can't remember the exact number, they were coming so fast) meal within 40 minutes once, would I give Tri-Express another chance? I think only for takeout.

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        I have to come to Tri's defense here. Firstly, their sushi is phenomenal. My suggestion is to give them a price (we did $25 a head) and let them take care of you. They are very generous and you can always order more. You won't be disappointed!

        Secondly, I don't condone poor service and I have never experienced it at Tri. My advice is to make a reservation and understand that they do close early. He works there 7 days a week all year long. He wants to run a small restaurant and live a normal life. It's not a great place to "drop in" on unannounced at the last minute. I'm not doubting that glaze had a bad experience, but it's inconsistant with my past meals there.

        1. re: greig

          Well, we did go there with a reservation once, and were kicked out about after 40 minutes. They wanted to get rid of us so fast that they brought the third and fourth courses of our meals within a 2 minute period.

          Once the sushi was phenomenal maybe, but recent reports (including a takeout I did about a month ago) are on the meh side.

          I think I am giving up up sushi until I move to another city.

          1. re: greig

            Like emerilcantcook, I used to be a big fan of Tri Express as well, but I have to agree that they've really dropped in quality. I wouldn't call their sushi phenomenal any more. It's good, and certainly better than much of what you can get in Montreal, but that's about it. As for service, I've only had lunch there, and never been rushed - but it's obviously different in the evening.
            Unless I'm mistaken, Tri Express is not open 7 days a week. However, if you run a restaurant, and want to live a normal life, you have to compromise somewhere - either open for fewer hours, or fewer days, or have others replace you, but if you're open for dinner, then people shouldn't feel they're being rushed out of a place just so you can get home.

        2. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience.

          I have been there once and I had a great time and a great meal. I decided to take a friend from Vancouver there. He is a big sushi fan and he thought that those were the best sushis he had ever enjoyed outside of Vancouver. I have also tried quite a few sushi places over the years and Tri Express' offerings are the best that I've been given to taste. With that said, I have never been to Jun I.

          I had made a reservation and the place was full. I arrived a tad late after getting stuck somewhere but they did not seem bothered at all and they did not made any comment as to when we should leave or anything...