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Where to find Tahini Sauce?

I live in Columbia, MD and am having a difficult time finding tahini sauce to go with the falafel I bought from Coscto. No go at Giant, Harris Teeter, and Trader Joes. Roots and David's Natural Market have tahini paste which I could use to make the sauce, but I'm lazy. I understand that it is not hard to do, and i will do it if need be.

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  1. I used to have the same problem until I realized that I was looking in the wrong part of the store. At your local Giant, go to the area where they keep the natural peanut butter. It will probably be right there.

    1. If in Frederick, Orchard on Market St. sells take-home bottles of their great tahini salad dressing, but...it's in Frederick.

      1. I have def seen it in the international aisles of the grocery stores (Giant, Food Lion) around here (Balto County). Did you ask at Trader Joe's or try Wegman's or Whole Foods? If that fails, look for a greek grocery store, I know mine sells it.

        1. I live in northern Virginia and it's everywhere. The international food aisle at any large supermartket is a sure thing, but specialty Middle Eastern places are all over the place these days. You can go online at Sahadi's as well.

          According to Alton Brown, peanut butter is a substitute, but I would never try that.

          1. thanks for the quick replys. i will take a look near the natural peanut butters. but will that be mostly in paste form or in sauce form?

            I did ask at trader joes - they said they get asked for it a lot, but do not carry it at the columbia location

            1. The kosher markets all have it - Kosher Mart, Shalom's, etc. I am fairly sure I have seen it at Whole Foods as well.

              1. definitely at whole foods. i have actually bought it at TJs...not sure why you didn't see it.

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                  I actually asked one of the employees at TJs and they said they did not carry it at that location. She said she got asked rather frequently. Perhaps I should try the TJs in Silver Spring. I think the closest Whole Foods for me would be downtown Silver Spring. Maybe I'll head down there, but at that point it would probably just be easier for me to buy the paste from Roots, Davids Natural Market or Sizar (Middle Eastern market in Columbia). Also, the River Hill Giant in Columbia did not carry it. I also checked near the natural peanut butter, but no go.

                2. Wegman's has it on one of the ethnic food aisles

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                    once wegmans opens up in columbia (maybe 2 years?) i'll check it out. but as it stands now, they are all pretty far away. Thanks for all of the help everyone - I will let you know how my saga ends.

                  2. I just got off the phone with Trader Joes in Silver Spring. The employee says they no longer carry the sauce or the paste because it did not sell very well. The search continues...

                    1. My Organic Market (MOM's)

                      1. Making the sauce from the paste is extremely easy. Just add a little water, a little lemon juice, and some salt. It's really hard to screw up.
                        You can pretty much find the paste anywhere, including Whole Foods and any Giant-like supermarket.

                        1. I ended up finding the sauce at My Organic Market (MOM) in East Columbia (really jessup). Thanks for the tip! They actually had the sauce and quite a few different jars of tahini paste.

                          As an aside, the more I've thought about it and read, it does seem really easy to make my own from the paste. I'm glad I found the sauce so I have a good idea how its supposed to turn out in the future.

                          Thanks again for the help everyone...