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Jun 19, 2008 06:25 AM

Two Bills Seafood - Dania Beach

There's a very good article in today's food section in the Herald about sustainable fishing and what to eat and buy and what not to. Two Bills got a very good write-up. Just wondering who's been there and what are the comments.

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  1. We went there about a month ago (late in the afternoon). There were many coolers full of yellow tail snappers (looked very fresh). In addition, there were fresh golden crabs & shrimps. The place reminds me of Bahamas.

    1. Where exactly is this place?

      1. I found it! It's just off Griffin Rd, on 44th, just east of 441. It really is like the islands. You drive down this little street with boat salvage yards, and you get to the end, and there's crab traps stacked up, and all sorts of stuff to look at. I bought a beautiful strawberry grouper. I'm afraid I didn't do it justice, but I'll try again this week. I have a new favorite fishmonger. The guys that work there were very cool, and it was just a fun experience.

        1. Based on the description, I'm pretty sure this is where Red Light on Biscayne is getting their fish. A couple weeks ago they were telling me about driving around Davie to find this fish market (and 441 & Griffin is Davie, not Dania Beach).

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            I go to Captain Mikes on the SW corner of 441 and Griffin - they might have meant that as well. I haven't been to Too Bills yet but it is on my list.

            1. re: ldkelley

              You have to try Triar Seafood (Hollywood) especially during Stone Crab season. You will be very pleased

              1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                Chowfather - Are they open Saturdays? We drive down from Boca occasionally to shop Two Bills and Capt. Mike's so this wouldn't be too much farther. I don't find any hours on their web site.

                1. re: RickL

                  No, they are closed on the weekends.
                  M-Th 7-7
                  F 7-noon

                  1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                    Definitely agree with this suggestion. Triar is the only place where we shop for fish (wife and I are both CIA alumni). They supply to the best restaurants in the country (yes, the country, not the area). Great people that are eager to please.

          2. I am looking forward to checking this place out, as it is very close by. I will also give Capt. Mike's and Triar a look as well. Thanks.