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Jun 19, 2008 06:25 AM

Maine Baked Beans

Going to Boothbay in a couple of weeks- any sugeestions (restaurant or retail) for those famous Maine baked beans in the midcoast area?

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  1. you know, i don't have any idea about those except for Sarah's maybe in Wiscasset. Please try La Garage in Wiscasset and the Robinhood meetinghouse in Georgetown on your trip.....

    1. Look for church suppers or other public bean suppers.

      1. Re: Maingal's comment about church suppers - I know they have a public church bean supper in Brunswick. I see signs all the time by the big Unitarian church on Maine street (right between the town green and Bowdoin college). 5 pm, sundays, beans, follow the sign :)

        1. The church and public supper schedule is published in the Bangor Deadly Snooze. I know of some "summer people" who's activity while visiting Maine is to hit the public supper circuit. Moody's used to have an all you can eat bean night 20 years ago that Tim Sample turned into an hilarous gaseous skit. Rockland Cafe; fish cake and beans for breakfast, our favorite, Keep ya goin' all day.

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            As a summer person (but descended from a local) I think church suppers are a great way to meet the locals and support their communities. The beans are great and there are always some fun jello salads but the pie is the real draw - better than anything you'll ever get in a restaurant!

          2. Just a thought...check out local farm stands on your trip. Many of them sell homemade beans for take away, which are usually pretty good. I'll also second the bean supper route, although they can vary from great to yuck. I have found that the further you stary from the " beaten path", the better the food.
            The best of all time beans that I have had are at the Spring Creek BBQ in Monson; unfortunately, that is a long way from the coast.

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              The Finnish Farmer's society, in Monson, their pot lucks and dances are a hoot and a half.