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Caplansky's request

I believe Caplansky's is "re-opening" today. I would really like to try the sandwich. If any hounds are going today or tomorrow, an inquiry into the level of supplies Zane has would be most appreciated (and then posting). I've got a few things on the go this weekend and it's out of my way. Last thing I want to do is go and find out they're out of meat again.

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  1. Me too. Also if anyone could verify that takeout is NOT an option that would be much appreeshed!

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      People have confirmed a few times now that there is no take-out, I agree, until that changes I wont be wasting my time

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        I actually had takeout last Wednesday - however I ate a sandwich and soup first, then requested a second sandwich to go.

      2. So what's the verdict? Where's the beef?

        I am going by hook or by crook tonight. The patrons will just have to suffer at the sight me of after a run. After living 5 minutes from Schwartz's for 3 years I need to know if I can attain that original high again. :)

        1. All this furor is tempting me to have a seldom done (for me) red meat culinary experience. Maybe I will venture down there this weekend.

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              probably eating a smoked meat sandwich

            2. Anyone know Caplansky's hours?

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                I was just there, and I think it's 12 or so until 9pm. That was some great meat.

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                  Made it! Absolutely delicious. Same idea and style as Schwartz's but definitely different taste.


                  Hours are Tuesday to Saturday Noonish Til Nine.

                  Zane said he's hoping to have enough meat to last through Saturday but by Tuesday he'll be stocked for good.

              2. GO! Went yesterday (19th) and had the combo and a pint. Zane will do the meat up lean, medium or in his words 'fatty'. Had the medium/fatty and it was most excellent. The proper amount of sweet/smoke/meat/mustard flavours on rye with a very understated slaw, a pickle and some wonderfully salty fries. The fries are just that, not frites or anything else, just plain ol' hand cut fries with Heinz on the side. French's mustard on the sandwich too by the way...There were about 60 briskets yesterday, probably down to 50 by now, but things should be steady and hopefully we won't see another kink in the works.

                It's good eating and nice to see someone going out on their own and so far, making it work. Zane showed me the kitchen, he's got an electric smoker that takes about 10 hours to get the meat to where it needs to be, he brines the briskets for up to two weeks himself and generally keeps an eye on every step of the process. He wants to hear about his food, for good or ill and will show you the kitchen and answer any question you might have.

                The Monarch itself is a bit of fun too. A halfway decent selection of draught, multiple screens to watch the Euro on and pretty attentive staff. Mind you I'm biased, I go there regularly and have spent many a good Super Sunday there noshing on the free spread they put on.

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                  Not that I don't trust you guys, but for the love of Pete, embee, stop working and start eating!!! Enquiring minds need to know.

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                    Did you see embee's long and fascinating post on the other thread from her visit last week?

                2. Well he is open today but he told us he is closing until next Tuesday, he's run out of Briskets! We brought some sandwiches home at 1.00 p.m....First time for us...husband enjoyed his sandwich and said for sure we'd go back... I am not a corned beef/smoked meat fan but I too, enjoyed it...loved the French Fries...reminded me of when there were really good fries at Harvey's (too many years ago for me to give a date!!). We will go back..it's close for us (unlike Pancer's ..that's a dedicated trip) Not that I am comparing because I simply don't enjoy Deli that much.

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                    Again?! Damn it! I was going to go for dinner on Saturday when I was going to be in the neighbourhood. Figures. :-(

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                      That was really quick! We went last night and when he was closing he said he should have enough to last him until Saturday afternoon. He did tell us that starting on Tuesday he doesn't expect to sell out again.

                      Good for him, he seems like a great guy and you can tell he really cares about his products and his customers.

                      And for the record, the seven in our party really enjoyed their combos! I can't wait to go back to have another sandwich and finally try the soup.

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                        Well, a week tomorrow it is for my trek out there, then. Maybe I'll go to Manic before or after to condition myself. :)

                      2. What are the opening hours?

                        I'm sure I read them somewhere on here but can't find them now???

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                          Read up! Tuesday - Saturday Noonish till 9.

                          After re-reading Embee's post.. to clarify on takeout thing. Zane welcomes you to take out sandwhiches but at this point there is to take out for slabs of meat. I used to do that vacuum sealed from Schwartz's all the time. Can't wait till it's available at Caplansky's.

                        2. Okay fellow fressers. The bad news is already out. The meat sold out once again. It was gone before 3:00 this afternoon. Target reopening date is next Tuesday.

                          The food news is much better. The meat is definitely improving. Today's sample was evenly cured. The "medium" really was, it was mainly juicy, and he even had some fat. Excellence seems within reach. As to consistency, time will tell.

                          He'll have hot mustard next week and they do have pop by the glass at the Monarch bar. There will be takeout sandwiches, but no bulk meat. Today's brisket tasted like a spiced corned beef with a strong hint of wood smoke. The flavour, while not intense, remains in my mouth after an hour. I'd still like to see more spice, and there were a few dry bits in the sandwich.

                          Remember, it's not New York or Toronto style pastrami and it's not Montreal smoked meat. Enjoy.

                          Now if only someone would make a decent hotdog!

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                            Not a stimmé fan, I know, and that would be another thread and likely off-board-specific topic.

                            Thanks for the update. A friend of mine of 40+ years from my formative years in Montreal will be in town next week. We love our deli and we'll be making our pilgrimage to the Monarch ("King of Toronto Smoked Meat"?). Time and taste tested buds will be on the job.