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Jun 19, 2008 06:03 AM

Beech Mountain, North Carolina area...

Planning a trip to the Beech Mountain, North Carolina area early this summer, in the Blue Ridge Mountains...would appreciate any dining recommendations...all cuisines (BBQ too!)...all price ranges...Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. There aren't too many good restaurants on Beech Mountain, but you could try Jackelopes, which is part of an inn halfway up the mountain...there is a nice outdoor patio there for the sunset and the food is decent, though not great. In Banner Elk, which is right down the mountain, there are several good restaurants...there's an italian named Sorrento with good pizza and a nice atmosphere. I forget some of the names of the restaurants in Banner Elk...sorry. Also, if you want to drive to the Linville area, near the Lowes grocery store, there are several restaurants around there. If I think of more, I will write later. Good luck. I suggest eating in. During the day, you could lunch at a place in Newland called Fabios. This is an Italian who settled in the mountains.

    1. Banner Elk indeed has Sorrentos for moderately-upscale Italian; I have had some good meals there (and some OK ones). There is also Bayou Smokehouse for Cajun-ish food in a casual bar atmosphere. Some people love the Corner Palate, which is slightly upscale American . . . I ate there once and was unimpressed, but it was New Year's Eve, maybe not the best night.

      1. Thanks for the recs, Chowhounds...are there any other local-type dining spots cooking southern fare or BBQ for example? Down home stuff...

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          Sounds like the Bayou Smokehouse & Grill would be your best bet... owner grew up in Louisiana and Texas. They smoke their own Texas-style Beef Brisket BBQ (ok, so it's not North Carolina Pork BBQ...), make their own BBQ Sauce, great local mountain trout and fried green tomatoes (also local). Meals are served with cornbread. Try the smoked bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato poor boy! Very good, but very spicy, gumbo. We also enjoy the Saturday and Sunday Brunch... especially if we can get a table out on the deck.

          There is also a "Carolina Barbeque" restaurant in near-by Newland (about 15 minutes from Banner Elk), but I haven't made it to that restaurant yet, so can't give you a recommendation on that one.