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Jun 19, 2008 05:59 AM

Tartine or Cube 63?

Hi we're doing a small bday dinner (4 girls) and wanted a place with BYOB - which do you prefer in terms of both food and atmosphere, Tartine or Cube 63? I know they are both tiny but I figure if we go early enough and grab a drink across the way we'll be good to go. Thanks!!

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  1. obviously total different places...different food and vibe. cube 63 is a bit more noisy while tartine is a bit more intimate despite the cramped quarters.

    depends more on the type of night you are looking for...either place has plenty of options after dinner for bars and whatnot.

    1. Cube 63 takes reservations, which makes it a bit easier.

      1. yeah obviously very different places (french bistro vs sushi) mjh5821 said cube 63 takes reservations and tartine does not

        either place works since there are alot of bars around both areas

        tartine - sort of quaint little french bistro, reasonably well lit, great food, wooden interior, cramped place
        cube 63 - fun sushi place focusing mainly on rolls, pretty dark inside with kind of florescent lighting, semi-modern interior, more of a drinking place than tartine, decently good food not great although pretty reasonable prices

        1. I haven't been to tartine, but i found cube 63 to be pretty mediocre in terms of both atmosphere and food. i would avoid it.