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Jun 19, 2008 05:19 AM

Oceanaire Seafood Room - Is the price worth it?

Having ditched work early the other day and finding myself in front of the Oceanaire just as the rain started to come down I figured it was time to give it a try. Some prices I found to be quite high but it didn't keep me from ordering the Hawaiian Big Eye tuna for $38 plus $6 for coleslaw. This fish was simply prepared, grilled with olive oil and really delicious. As for the coleslaw, it was ok. So, was it worth it? In a word "yes" and I would go back. There are some items on the menu that were more fairly priced like the fisherman's platter which came in at $23, but the surf & turf was $75 and that just seemed outrageous. My plan for the next visit is to sit at the bar have a glass of wine and appetizer, maybe a salad and either the baked alaska or the expresso creme brulee for dessert. What do you think?

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  1. From brief firsthand experience, I can tell you the fish is exceptionally fresh there. However they are not scared of their markup on the food or the wine...

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      As much as I hate to say it (given the markups), yes. It's basically a high-end steakhouse business model for selling fish (huge sides, typical apps, etc., and beautiful cuts of the main attraction---in this case, seafood).

      The Oceanaire Hash Browned Potatoes were absolutely insane, fatwise (but yummy). I had a fresh halibut with risotto that was executed perfectly.

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        I also think their fish is about as fresh as you can get. Something like served within 24 hours of being caught or something like that? I think it's the whole "experience" of the place as well. The likening it to a steakhouse is close but it's more than that, it's sort of old-fashioned high-end so I think it's the cost of the fish plus the experience factor, from the decor to the old style toiletries in the bathroom to the service.

    2. hands down yes yes YES. for a while i was eating at oceanaire 3x a week (i'm a road warrior). i especially appreciate their seasonal salads which rotate every few weeks - always delicious, fresh, and perfectly dressed. compared to the other big steak/seafood chains, oceanaire shames them.

      (i went to mccormick & schmicks a few times since it was slightly closer to my hotel which meant less walking in -20 degree weather and decided NOT WORTH IT.)

      sitting at the bar with an app and a salad is perfect. their desserts are quite large and are meant for multiple people to share btw so save a lot of room.

      1. I thought the one at least in DC sucked. At least with the other options around. The fresh fish was ok, but overpriced and didn't come with sides. Then the sides that we ordered potatoes au gratin were just boiled cubed potatoes with melted yellow cheese on top, not real au gratin. The broccoli was huge and fine, I didn't eat the lumpy thick sauce that was with it, which I believe was meant to be hollandaise and would have appreciated it more if they came hot or even warm. I just don't understand why you would go here in cities that have other good seafood places. The fish is very generic, the sides lousy, and we certainly didn't have excellent service.