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Jun 19, 2008 02:06 AM

Am I missing something without cable?

I read these threads about Food Channel shows and chef personalities and feel like I am in a foreigh country (planet?). We live in reral Maine and I have only recently installed an aerial on my roof. Cable access runs in front of the house, but it doesn't seem like a high priority. I read here of the passionate discussions about food personalities and wonder who they are. I found out about Anthony Boudain, because I stumbled upon 2 of his books in our local public library. Calvin Trillan is my food hero...from his books and I read Mr. Gold's column column in the LA Weekly. My question is that am I really missing something? I have, on the other hand rebuilt an old British motorcycle and a '67 VW bus the last few winters. and have a wonderful wife whom I love dearly. Is the Food Netwark an urban phenonomon or am I really missing something? Take it easy on me.

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  1. In a word--NO. I don't have cable either and haven't had it for 13 years. Thus, the only time I watch TV (no aerial, either) is when I visit my family at Christmas or when I'm in a hotel room. The Food Network shows can be mildly entertaining (or, more often, rather boring), but not worth the money for cable. While I would probably enjoy watching Alton Brown's show if I did have cable, I find most of the other shows dull and annoying (or accident-gawking, like a Paula Deen episode I once watched).

    I prefer to read newspapers, cookbooks (or books about food), some blogs or Chowhound rather than watch TV. That said, I am glad that FN and other options are available for those who do genuinely enjoy watching TV. We all have different tastes, whether it's for media or for cuisines.

    And you do have a rebuilt VW bus!

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      Yes, a '67 green VW splitty camper. Mechanically excellent, needs minor body work and a paint job top be back on the road. Also a BSA 650 cc Firebird Scrambler.
      Yes, the only time I get to watch The Food Network is staying in motels taking the kids to and fro from college. Seems I always get stuck w/ Paula Deen, never the biggies.
      But some posters seem so passionate about these people, I wonder what it is all about.

    2. I don't think you're missing anything. We have cable and except for an occasional BBC America program and the Red Sox & Patriots games I don't watch TV very much. There are much better things to do than sit and stare at the Boob Tube, which is becoming dumber by the minute. I know what we're missing though.... more $$$ from the wallet. Cable here is pricey. Time to do something about that!

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        I guess it depends on what "entertainment" means for you. I work 2 jobs just so I don't feel guilty about having the $ to spend on cable and high-speed internet as these are my two main forms of entertainment - we don't go to concerts, we almost never go on vacation, we don't go out to eat very often, we never go to the movies, etc.

        In terms of JUST the food network, I would say no, you're not missing that much, but in terms of everything that's out there on cable, I do think you're missing out. I think of all the TV shows I love watching for one reason or another - some have great writing, some I love the actors, some are just fun/fluff programs, some are gripping dramas and to me, it's great and affordable entertainment. Where I live, we are stuck inside due to the weather 3/4 of the year so without cable I'd go mad. :)

        1. re: rockandroller1

          I spent a long time living overseas and when I watch the Travel Chanel, it makes me uneasy withe an unfulfilled sense of wonderlust. We do have hi speed internet and Skipe w/ kids overseas. On kick back evenings we tend to do Netflix.

      2. passa, if you read the CH Boards frequently you're not missing out on anything. Threads tend to be a very accurate re-creation of television, newspapers, website reviews already. With internet access you can connect with any FN personality thru their own webpage anywho :)

        On the other hand, rebuilding classics is very cool, time well spent (imho)!

        1. I went five years without any TV and when I finally did get it, I was surprised at how many cable shows were still repeats. Same old, same old.

          Within five years, much of the content will be downloadable over the internet.

          1. I have not had cable in years, we upgraded to HD satellite t.v...

            FN is definately not worth it, but sports, and news makes the small monthly bill worth it for me.

            I see t.v., and the internet as necessary evils of the modern world, and would rather relax, and watch some satellite t.v., than stare at a computer screen at home(10 hours a day of staring at the p.c. is more than enough for me while at work mon-fri.,) I may use my home p.c. once a week if that.

            Are you missing something?, I doubt it, it sounds like you have some hobbies you enjoy.