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Jun 18, 2008 10:47 PM

24 Hour Halal Indian

Phalwan Restaurant & Grill
73-10 Northern Blvd.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
JAFAR (718)710.2884
Halal Meat

Pakistani, Indian & Bangladeshi

I just stopped by here tonight for samosas and boy they were great. I was a little upset that they didn't pack me some dipping sauce, but they were well spiced as they were. I was quite happy after eating them. They made them fresh in the back. One veg and one meat. They got steam tables in the front and the food looked good. I saw a guy making bread from a tandor oven in the back. Pretty large piece of bread. The food looks really good and this place is 24 hours. Things are priced $10 and less. Kulfi, lamb brains.....Definitely, will do this place for dinner and samosas are much better than late night Kebab King. Anyone eaten here?

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  1. I've been three times. The first two times were great, the last time, not so. The bread is fresh and fantastic, but from the steam table, the last time I got the butter chicken and it was pretty bad. I really enjoyed it the first two times so I haven't given up hope. Been meaning to try the place accross the street that's been written up here as well.

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      What did you eat? Is the place across the street 24 hours?

      1. re: designerboy01

        I think it is.

        At Phalwan I had the butter chicken 3 times...the first 2 it was great, the third time I got very little chicken, and the chicken I did get was stringy, tough and dry. Maybe it was just a bad batch.