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Jun 18, 2008 10:28 PM

El Arrayan: Touristy or not?

Can someone give me the low-down on whether El Arrayan is touristy and overpriced or not? 100% of the reviews I've read say the food and service are great- that's no question. But many also stay that despite the good food, that it is touristy (always filled with Americans and other tourists) and overpriced.

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    1. We have been many times and don't find it too touristy or too expensive. Mixed fairly hip crowd of locals and non-residents, great atmosphere and wonderful food.

      1. The website has the menu with prices

        They don't seem out of line for a "good" restaurant in Puerto Vallarta but of course that's not the same for a local Mexican neighborhood restaurant.

        Probably the reason all the tourists are there is because it is consistently ranked in all of the guides as the best Mexican restaurant.

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          You are probably right about why there are a lot of tourists there. Thanks for your feedback!