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Jun 18, 2008 09:32 PM

Recommended Caterer in Puerto Vallarta

Can anyone recommend a caterer in Puerto Vallarta for a wedding? I'm looking for fresh, simple and yummy (lots of foodies coming) Mexican food, more on the gourmet side.

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  1. Dear friend, contact the owners of Trio restaurant they are great caterers in PV. Im a local born in PV, also you may contact to a Wedding coordinator, my suggestion is, they know another great and inexpensive caterers in town, but dont miss to visit Le Kliff restaurant, an amazing restaurant and a great wedding location.
    Sincerely, Carlos G.

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    1. re: charlzpv

      Thanks so much for your response! I will definitely look into your recommendations. Do you live in PV now? My wedding is in Mismaloya and lots of caterers don't want to go to my villa because not only is it further from downtown, but also because the villa has a lot of stairs. But I will definitely look into voth Trio and Le Kliff. I have already hired a wedding coordinator, Priscilla from Prisar, but am doing some independent research as well. Any other tips on PV, whether food or otherwise much, much appreciated!

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        tnery, I would check with Carmen Porras at El Arrayan and Alejandra Davila at Cafe Candela for catering. Cafe Candela just catered an event for me Hacienda San Angel, however, it was not a sit-down dinner, but the appetizers were excellent and beautifully presented.

        (Carlos, aren't you the owner of Le Kliff?)

      2. Eventful moments Vallarta, youcan talk to Zac or Katryn.
        They own most of their beautiful equipment , wrok with their own waiters as oposes to union, excellent food and cocktail options.

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          Thanks for all the tips guys! I'm actually doing the rehearsal dinner at El Arrayan, but I wonder if she would do the wedding too! I will check out your other suggestions and let you know. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

        2. I know this is a late reply to the post, but the best caterers in PV do NOT run restaurants, they are Liana Turner (lianasea@) and Marta Huerta ( Both are accomplished and original chefs.
          BTW, Le Kliff has a gorgeous setting but the food.......?????? I wouldn't eat there.