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Jun 18, 2008 09:12 PM

Any notable seafood shacks between NY and New Haven?

I'm taking a drive up towards New Haven, and while I know there are plenty of CT seafood places on the coast east of New Haven, I don't know of any closer to NY. I guess I'm just looking for a place to grab a lobster roll, and some fried clam bellies would be a plus. My default would be the Glenwood drive-in in Hamden, but I think I would like something more scenic for my friends.

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  1. Well it's not sea food (though they have Sea Bass on the menu) and you'll have to overshoot New Haven a bit to get there but I found this place I want to try on my next trip up

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      E Eto, there is mention made here of lobster rolls at Ebb Tide in Portchester, but reviews seem to be mixed and the prices are high.

    2. nothing fancy, but good food! Westfair Fish and Chips in Westport, CT...

      here is a link to a recent post

      1. Chick's in West Haven is across the street from the beach, has all of the above. And is a drive in. The clams are better (and much pricier) next door at Captain's Galley which is a sit down restaurant. Never had either of the lobster rolls though

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          Oh dear. I'm afraid I would not recommend Chick's; I wanted to like them, I tried to like them, I did not like them. The oil had a strongly synthetic taste, the breading came out too firm, I'm not even sure the clams were fresh. It is cute, tho' . . .

          But I'm interested in hearing more about Captain's Galley . . . how expensive? What else is on the menu? I've seen a lot of motorcycles out front . . . what's the feel like inside?

          A recent CH New Haven-Boston Clams thread has some descriptions of Stowe's and Turks, both in West Haven . . .

          Lenny's Indian Head Inn is yummy, but I'm not wild about the "view" and it's east of NH, in Branford.

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            I was at Captain's Galley a few weeks ago the fried clams were $26.00.
            I went with the fish and chips. In additiion to fried seafood they fo have
            baked/broiled seafood and make a pretty good fra diavlo. I do really like the Rhode Island clam chowder. I suppose Jimmie's is another choice but I have not been there in quite a while

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              The food at the Captains Galley has taken a huge nosedive. My SO and I ate there about a month ago and it was one of the worst meals I've ever had. The shrimp and fish were both tasteless and poorly fried. The lobster bisque was an abomination.
              We have had really good luck at the Sandbar in West Haven, Great, Fresh seafood with good sized portions. Nice people.

          2. If Glenwood is your default, then you obviously aren't aiming high for ambience though the food is good. I strongly recommend Stowes in West Haven, just down the street from Chicks (ugh, except for the hot dogs) and the incredibly overrated and dirty Captain's Galley. Stowes is nothing more than a converted double garage turned fish market and restaurant though they don't have a public restroom (be forewarned). They are very reasonable though the portions are small. Two lobster rolls would be good for a hearty appetite, Very good fresh fried seafood of all the usual kinds and really great bisque, clam chowder etc. It's right across the street from the beach and the preferred seating is outside at a very long series of picnic tables. Only two or three tables inside so it's really only good for takeout or a nice day.

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              Thanks for the info on Stowe's. I hadn't heard much about them . . .

            2. Leno's Clam Bar (Greasy Nicks) on Shore Rd. on the Pelham/New Rochelle border...but only for the delicious raw clams and a great burger. No belly clams or lobster rolls here.