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Jun 18, 2008 09:07 PM

Sack Lunch Ideas for 3 Day Convention?

I'm going to a 3-day church convention this weekend and need some great sack lunch ideas...Due to parking and other issues, we'll be at the convention area the whole time and none of the concession stands will be open. So, I'm hoping to get your best to go lunch recipes that will still taste good after sitting in a small cooler for about 4 hours before being eaten...

Thanks in advance for all your help! :o)

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  1. - How about some hummus with pita squares and veggies? That is easy to put together and does not require refrigeration.
    - Pasta or bean salad using an oil/vinegar based dressing
    - Fruit salad and cinnamon 'chips' (tortillas baked crisp with cinnamon sugar)

    1. I love cold leftovers - particularly Chinese food :) or pizza.

      Gazpacho w/ some good crusty bread and rotisserie chicken on the side.

      Deconstructed salad to be put together on site. ...Separate spinach leaves, sundried tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, figs, feta, candied nuts, dressing.

      Quiche or frittata

      1. so what did you end up bringing? I face smiliar situation next weekend!

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          Shepherd's salad and TJs rice crackers or Mary's Gone Crackers
          Dried fruit and nuts
          hemp tortilla chips, cherry tomatoes, snow peas & hummus
          Organic Food Bars (I always need snacks for conferences)

        2. Maximize your cooler space by partially freezing juice boxes or plastic bottles/containers filled with water or another cold beverage. They will be cold and ready to drink when you need them. Years ago I went to a weekend convention in an isolated resort with high priced food that I couldn't really afford. So I brought a larger cooler with fruit, carrots, celery, cheese, and milk. In my suitcase were crackers, peanut butter, bread, cereal, and instant coffee. This sufficed for breakfasts and lunches; dinners were in the restaurant.

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            I second the frozen beverage idea, though it won't work well for a several-days trip.

            When I attend all-day outdoor events, I freeze water in bottles of various sizes the night before. I use them in place of ice in my cooler. The smaller bottles would melt completelyfirst, followed by the larger bottles throughout the day, providing cold drinking water all day. This works well even on 100'+ Texas summer days.

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              Just to note: larger bottles like 2-liter soda can take 2+ days to freeze solid, and of course they keep things cold the longest. Be sure to leave ample headroom. If your home will be empty during a hot-weather trip, if you have room, leave a large (gallon is best) frozen bottle in the freezer. If there's a power failure, it buys extra time. Leave a small, tightly sealed glass jar containing an ice cube in the front of the freezer. If there's an outage and you return to find the cube has melted and re-frozen, you know your freezer got above 32.

          2. My suggestion is less about food than about condiment: bring a little bottle of balsamic vinegar. The slightly sweet and mildy acidic vinegar has always done well perking up appetite for me. It works great on salads, sandwiches, even fruits.