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Jun 18, 2008 08:03 PM

How many people buy supermarket chicken and meat?

Despite the constant messages in the food press that we should all be eating free range, grass fed, organic, etc., I have to feed up to four people a week on just my salary. I don't have a lot of time to shop in a lot of different places either. So a few times a week I feed my family chicken that I buy on sale for 69 cents a lb. at the supermarket, Trader Joe's hamburgers or frozen shrimp probably from Thailand. Am I slowly killing us all? Do other people feel this constant pressure to buy hyper-expensive meat and poultry, or do some of you also buy regular meat and poultry at the regular supermarket? I even eat farm raised salmon every now and then. We eat virtually no processed foods and never any fast food, but the cost of the real quality meat is cost-prohibitive. Will I go to foodie hell?

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  1. We are all going to die eventually, some slower than others. I like to eat healthy, but don't go for the hype.

    1. i shop at the local grade a market (shop right). not fancy. the butchers are good. i spent years making friends with them. i'm very happy with the meats.

      fish? i'm best buds with my local monger. they buy fresh every morning in the new fulton market. produce is my weak spot. i grow some but that's not enough. i need to do better.

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        Bingo...I buy meat at the supermarket, but travel to a good market, rather than the closest, which only has precut meat on a prewrapped on a styrofoam tray. In my case, that's Grade A, too, either Stamford (Comm Park) or Norwalk.

        For fish, I'm a bit pickier, and supermarket fish don't cut it. Fjord in Greenwich, or New wave in Stamford (more limited, but great quality, and 1/2 the price of Fjord. Closer, too.

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          Take a drive up to Pound Ridge and try Scotts Market for some good beef. Great quality and jfood thinks better than Grade A in STM. Other place in the area on Route 7 in Norwalk is Leitizia but sometimes th\e meat is hit/miss. But jfood has found hangar steak there.

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            I like the butchers at my local Grade A. We grind our own meat for hamburgers and the guys are always willing to supply me with beef fat so we can get the meat/fat ratio to our liking. They are also very happy to cut beef ribs to my specification (very long and across the bones) as well as veal shanks (thicker than most).

            Stamford Seafood is a small mom and pop operation. They shop at the new Fulton Market. It's always a pleasure asking them to procure something special.

            Make friends with your butcher and fish monger.

        2. We buy rotisserie chickens from Costco and Ralph's market - they're juicy and reasonable and tasty.

          I've bought fish at Whole Foods, Gelson's, Ralph's, and like getting Costco's king crab legs or lobsters...

          1. I do try to buy organic, free range meat whenever possible, but I can definitely empathize how expensive it can get. But last week, I just discovered "Buddhist" style Bo Bo chickens at a Chinese market. These chickens are fresh, lean, flavorful and are free range to a certain extent. And an entire chicken was only $5! I usually spend 3-4 times that for one at Whole Foods. So I was really happy to discover these chickens.

            I don't eat as much meat as the typical American. So spending more for my meat will not affect my budget as much as those who can eat a 1 lb steak on a regular basis.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              Which market sells Bo Bo chickens? I haven't been cooking much lately.

              1. re: designerboy01

                This was in Flushing. Don't remember the name but it's a relatively new large market on Main Street near Sanford, I think. Here's their website which lists where you can find it.


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                  They got a retail market in Manhattan. Next time I make roast duck I'll get it from them. So that's where you get quail.... Thanks for the find...