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Jun 18, 2008 07:58 PM

markets in Rialto/Riverside?


I just arrived in Rialto today to spend my summer. I will be living in Rialto, working in Riverside, so this question goes for both areas. I came from Seattle and really got used to shopping at nearby markets (I was a short walk away from an impressive Vietnamese Market, a slew of Ethiopian Markets and a Carniceria), or a short drive away from Indian markets. I was hoping to get some tips on whether there are any of these (carniceria I am sure) in either Rialto or Riverside? Or any other unique ethnic markets to explore? Or just any good ethnic restaurants that I might have found so readily in Seattle (like a place to get Salvadorian pupusas)...should I post this in the California section too, as Riverside County is not included in the LA section?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Riverside/Rialto don't even compare to Seattle, so set your expectations low and have an open mind. Cardenas is a chain Mexican grocery store. There is a humongous one in Fontana with a great fresh fruit bar. In Riverside on Arlington Ave, there is a great Cuban restaurant. I think it is called Cuban Cafe. It's very good. Olivia's on Magnolia in Riverside has good Mexican food.