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Jun 18, 2008 07:53 PM

Boston hound visiting / need lunch help


I am in town for a wedding and have time to meet up with my brother for a Saturday lunch / brunch. We are all exceptionally open minded about food. I'm staying at the Sofitel Hotel, and would love to eat somewhere in the general vicinitity (to maximize family time...)

Any suggestions would be great.


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  1. Will you have a car or do you just want something in hotel walking distance? Also, you say open minded- do you want fast & good or nicer sit down?

    here's a start:
    Cafe Apamate
    Kanella (Greek- 10th & Spruce

    Reading Terminal Market has a ton of options & nice to walk around, but not sure it's what you're looking for if you want to sit & enjoy family time. If you meant you want a quick lunch to have family time then it's a good option- if you don't get side tracked walking around.

    Or a quick drive to Tony Lukes or Johns Roast Pork for cheesesteaks, Italian Market (Sarcones) for hoagies.
    Also, a ton of options in Chinatown if you'd like recs.

    Be sure to stop by Capogiro at some point (the best gelato/sorbetto), not far from the hotel!

    1. There is so much right where you are!

      Check to see if these are open:


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        Tria is very close by and has great smaller plates and beligian beer.
        Estia is also very close and is more formal. They have great grilled octopus and very fresh fish
        Cafe Apamate is a bit more of a walk but they have good small plates (pinxtos)and hot chocolate and churros.
        Finally Alma de Cuba is close to the Sofitel (great place to stay by the way) and they have very good cuban cuisine.

        Tinto and Matyson are unfortunately closed for lunch on Satudays. Kanella has brunch at that time but I've never been there.

        Of course, if you want a true Philly experience, head to Reading Terminal for a roast pork sandwich.

        And I also say to go to Capogiro (try the bacio flavor!)

        1. re: bluehensfan

          I've only been to Kanella for the Saturday lunch & it was wonderful! We tried a variety of the food & loved everything.

          Alma de Cuba is not authentic Cuban though- you will be extremely disappointed if you enjoy authentic- while good, it's more of an American gourmetish twist on Cuban.

      2. I'm for Tinto. Great lunch menu.
        Also for some reason I've always thought it was kind of a guys place.