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Jun 18, 2008 07:38 PM

Need restaurant suggestion


I'm looking for restaurant suggestions for dinner this Saturday. There will be 5 adults, 1 baby, and a 2 year old. We'll be in the Fenway area, but have a car. Mostly, I'm looking for a nice atmosphere and good food, but places where kids are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. The Red Sox are in towno so the Fenway area will be crazy. I was going to say if you go early to Church on Kilmarnock, that would work but maybe not with a 4PM game. I'd get out of the area and take the D line to La Morra in Brookline Village or C line to Lineage in Coolidge Corner. Again, earlier to deal with the kids.

    1. Thornton's grill on Peterborough St might fit the bill - not a fancy place, but they have outdoor seating, and they dont get as crowded with the Fenway faithful. There would be some kid-friendly dishes there as well. Canastero's is over on Peterborough as well - nice Italian place - similar situation with outdoor seating, but it's a bit prettier inside. I've enjoyed meals at both locations.

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        In addition to chowciao's suggestions, I'd also say that Steve's on Newbury Street might be an ok choice (decent Greek food, family-friendly, and good prices). But it all depends on when you are going to be dining. If it's anywhere near the time of the ballgame, I agree with Joanie about heading over to Brookline.

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          Thank you for all your suggestions! We'll probably dine around 5:30 - 6pm. I'm deciding between La Morra, Lineage, and Shabu-Zen in Allston. I never been to any of them. What do you think? Or any other recs?

          1. re: toki

            My feeling is that you won't go wrong with either La Morra or Lineage -
            they're two of our family's favorite restaurants. One note; La Morra can get crowded & noisy on weekends, even early, whereas it may be a bit quieter & more relaxed at Lineage.

            1. re: TheTrout

              i don't think either of these very good restaurants are so kid-friendly. I'd call Eastern Standard Kitchen near Fenway and see if they can give you a reservation with an outside table or I'd try less fancy in Brookline, such as Lemon Grass or Khao Sarn (vietnamese and thai) both just 1/2 block from the Coolidge corner T stop up Harvard Street. Zaftigs, which is about two blocks in the other direction on harvard street, has the advantage of being next door to a playground though the food (unless you want a pastrami sandwich or breakfast) is competent at best.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                We ended up going to Lineage. Food, service, and atmosphere were all excellent. I had delicious scallops, and also tasted salmon and steak which were all really good. The lobster taco appetizer was tasty as well. For us, it was a bit of splurge but it was well worth it.

                Thank you again for all of your recommendations.