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Jun 18, 2008 07:17 PM

ISO: Cape May Lunch

I'll be in Cape May for 5 hours one day in July. We'll be taking the 6 o' clock ferry over to MD and need a good lunch joint - can be cheap to medium in cost. Some place with personality - not a touristy place of course. Either American, Italian or Chinese preferred.

A place where locals hang out would be excellent. Even a diner. We love diners. Everyone can find something to eat. Everyone can be happy with what they order. I have a semi-picky 12-1/2 year old. Getting better but still a bit picky.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You have lots of options. My favorite is Gecko's, which is an outdoor restaurant with South West cuisine. It's small but not usually that crowded around lunch.

    You won't find a diner in Cape May, but you can also try Carney's, which has diner like food but also a bar. It's also across the street from the beach. I think the 12.5 year old will have more options here. You can also try George's, which is a Greek diner/restaurant, also across the street from the beach.

    Good luck! Feel free to contact me to ask more!

    Jen A. Miller

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      I agree with Jen regarding Gecko's. Good food and pretty reasonable price-wise.

      If you're walking around the Mall area, you might be tempted to go to The Ugly Mug. Avoid this temptation. The menu has a lot of choices, but the food is very mediocre at best. Also, I know you mentioned Chinese, but I can't recommend Cape Orient either.


    2. One of my favorite places for good, cheap eats is Bella Vida Cafe in West Cape May. Here's the website:

      It's a cute, little place, reminds me of a diner-type place and the food is great.

      1. Agree that Gecko's and Georges are good choices. We've found Carneys to be hit or miss and actually prefer Jackson Mountain Cafe on the Washington Street Mall for Burgers and Sandwiches.
        A good non-touristy non expensive Soutern Italian place would be Vincenzo's in North Cape May. This would not be convenient to Cape May City, but would be reletively close to the Ferry.

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          Yeah, Jackson Mountain Cafe has pretty good burgers. I would definitely take them over The Ugly Mug if you're in a mood for a good burger. It's a bit more tourist-y than the other places recommended, so take that into consideration.