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Jun 18, 2008 07:02 PM

[HOU] Frozen Custard

Here's a question for Houston food explorers: does anyone know where to find frozen custard? I recently went to Ohio for a college reunion and rediscovered the joys of custard. For those of you who might not be familiar, frozen custard is very similar to a soft-serve ice cream, but made with real custard and thus much richer and creamier. A brief google search suggests that I might be able to find it at Connie's, Ritter's, or Shakes? Anyone know anything about any of these or other places?

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  1. Ritter's is pretty good on a hot summer day. Never been to Connies nor Shakes - I also looked them both up and you may want to double check on Shakes since the Webster location doesn't appear to be listed on their website. Check out Voss Creamery too, though I'm not exactly sure if I had frozen yogurt there or frozen custard.

    They'll always have chocolate and vanilla at Ritter's, as well as 3 rotating flavors that change daily. I like the pistacchio and strawberry ones, but you may opt for chocolate and vanilla since I've heard it's closer to being 'true' custard. One more thing, if you go at night time and the weather's nice enough for sitting around, parking may be tough because of a big crowd. Be ready to take the custard to go just in case.

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      Shakes is closed. What about Culver's? Why are all of the places so far out in the burbs? I am curious about the one in the Woodlands because we will be spending a couple days there in Aug. Anyone know?

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        I've been to Culver's on Atascocita Road. It is delicious and good. Yes, it's a bit far from downtown Houston. Culver's is my first exposure to custard and, I must say, I would prefer it to regular ice cream. It is very creamy but not too rich. It's seems to melt in your mouth. Well worth your trip if you want to venture north.

        1. re: Lily Dale

          I had a chance to try Culver's frozen custard yesterday. I wish I hadn't because it's too good and I hear it calling my name again!

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            Which location? We are going to a concert at Cynthia Woods in August and are going to be staying in a motel close to there. I looked at Culvers, for the frozen custard, but it looks like they have a pretty good menu, which means there are things my DH will eat on it! lol! This one is on 6 pines dr. Is the food as good as the custard?

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              Dani - last time I was in Chicago I had lunch at a Culvers and my friend and I shared a frozen custard. It was excellent. And your hub is going to LOVE their "butter burger". Ive been meaning to visit the one in the Woodslands (I had a client up there) but the gas to get up there and back would cost more than the food at this point! Maybe we need to team up for a road trip!

              What will you be doing up there in August?

              1. re: Cheflambo

                Dave Matthew's concert, courtesy of our oldest daughter! Rather than driving there and coming home late we are getting a room for a couple nights. Looking for places to eat that we both can "stomach."

    2. I've been to Connie's, which is waaaaaay north of Houston, but close to where I live, and it is AMAZING. I get the turtle sundae. You know how some things are really unhealthy, but TOTALLY worth the calories? Yeah. This is it. It is a small store that has no indoor seating (I think all frozen custard places are probably like this), and they only take cash.

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