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Jun 18, 2008 05:44 PM

home made jam and frozen berries

fairly new to the whole jam making and canning but after a success last year with blueberries im ready again for summer berries...problem is I probably won't have enough time to make the jam after picking the strawberries so wondering if I can pick, wash, freeze and make jam later in the summer or fall? I'm thinking yes, but wondering if the flavor will suffer? I just got one of those suction/ziplock gadgets so the berries will store pretty well in the freezer. thanks

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  1. I am trying the same thing with some organic strawberries I found at a steal. I also just got one of those Handi-vac gizmos. So far so good. I don't see why it wouldn't work! I guess we'll find out. I'm going to make my jam by the end of the month though.

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      1. Have you considered making freezer jam instead of cooked jam that then has to be water bath processed? Freezer jam is uncooked, so the fruit stays bright and fresh-tasting. It's also much faster to make because there's no cooking and no processing. Opening a container of strawberry freezer jam in January is like opening a little container of sun.

        1. Yes, you can freeze, and the flavor doesn't suffer. That's been my experience with blackberries.

          1. fact, my favorite jam/jelly book (The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving by Topp & Howard) recommends it. That way you can make your jams later in the fall after it's cooled down a bit and aren't heating up your kitchen during the hot summer/early fall days.

            Btw...I recommend that book highly for anybody starting out in preserving that wants some different recipes (Spiced Honey Blueberry and Peach Lavender being my two favorites) that make just a handful of jars at a time.